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Being a former Marine, this story seems far fetched. However, the way that Trump has surrounded himself with Marine Generals is no coincidence. I wonder if Mattis is about to bring the smack down on the deep state.

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Semper Fi. I had hopes this was true, but there would be no way in hell, the more I think about it, that something like that could be held secret for more than about 4 hours. Every teenager in McLean/Langley would be still awake at the likely designated ropes down hack (0330).

Another thought - I'm pretty sure JSOC has figured a way to muffle the Ospreys somewhat, but there is only so much you can do when they are rotor up. I hear them frequently and they are loud AF when up. The Blackhawks muffle much better.

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The only way this may have happened is if it was conducted by a small MARSOC unit, based within a MEU. Even if it did happen, I tend to believe it would be labeled as a "training exercise". I have some buddies on different MEUs right now, maybe I'll give them a call (0621).

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  • any active theater on domestic turf should be approved by the army's active director in that area.

  • and helicopters are too slow for an occupation like that. unless it's an analyst building with no hardware.

  • one building wouldn't strategically hold the head of a deep state

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They weren’t helicopters they were tilt rotor craft. They can hover and can also fly like a plane depending on the tilt angle of the rotor

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I am not at all hopeful this goes away quietly. The CIA has been out of control since its inception and needs to go. To call a war against the CIA a civil war is silly. No one in civil society supports them right or left.

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Well they don't work for you and me, that's for sure. They work for the .01%.

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They've had about 70 years to get into position.

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Your version sounds much more likely to be accurate. An 2200 man aerial invasion force in DC would be hard to hide. Circling Helicopters without permission for that air space, would be a loud way to deliver a message.

If that was done, I commend the procedure, mission complete without a shot fired. That has to be the class act.

The earlier version, marine landings, which must have been a planned leak, was designed to bring attention to CIA Langley. It Raised the concern today, does the CIA need to be restrained? Makes people question like Q does.

Yes the CIA should be restrained, in a sweat suit, until they spill their beans.

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What if they used the tunnels below?

Is that even feasible?

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The tunnels are REAL, they go on and on and on...................much is buried........

Start at DuPont Circle, it connects them all. Rock Creek.

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Getting clearance inside the FRZ would be no issue. There are planes which fly around in the restricted zone all day long without squawks, call signs, etc. DC airspace is run out of Bolling AFB and FAA Leesburg. Military doesn't need to file flight plans. They could have filed a request to block out airspace for a night training op and no one would've second guessed IMO.

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But if they did it without CIA approval, that would be the best messaging.

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Didnt the head of CIA threaten Trump when he first in office? I seem to remember a talk show and the guy said Trump better not mess with them, doesnt know who he's messing with. Does anyone remember that?

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CIA head John Brennan warns Trump to watch his tongue http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-38630016

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Thank you.

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Brennan is a fucking Muslim plant. Where do you think they got the idea for Homeland?

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Yes, and that was very significant to me. I took it to mean that Trump was being told who really is in control. I know that Trump does not like to be told what to do, so i had hoped he would poumce on these fuckers.

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Upvoat! Thank you for posting this. I was Completely Engrossed. Riveting Article. All I can say is Wow! There is no reason to not believe. Although I may not agree with all his politics I agree with many, but I am not shocked by the antics of the Deep State and BO. I have one piece of advice to anyone writing an Editorial, though. Do not recommend that anyone should be killed. You will reap the nasty benefits of that statement. We should have the freedom to write anything, but with the way the world is today and all the crazy killings, anyone can be set off. Dangerous Words will get you Locked Up.

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Thank you Blacksmith21. This is the most reasonable report I’ve read. Wish I had been a robot drone fly on the wall in Langley when it hovered.

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Thanks for the update, B

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You repeat most of the paragraphs twice. Fix.

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Thanks. That XKeyScore does funny shit to my keeeyyyyyboard once in a while.

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lol. lolloolloll

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You're in DC? I thought you were from Canada this whole time. Lol

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