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LOL. Excellent!

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Jeezuz fuckin Christ, just wanna point out... 50 unanswered upvoats for a single comment... cograts! xD


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This is SO EXTREMELY important. I almost want to suggest it gets stickied...


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This is important reading as the MSM continue to try painting the research as a right-wing conspiracy which it never was. The truth will win eventually.

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We beat the msm by deleting them. Don't pay for cable, visit their websites or read their newspapers. Social media is an msm tool but use them to get others away from the mainstream. Sure that is a double edged sword but alert others by pointing out how twitter is censoring stories, headlines and users.

I don't know if the truth of JFK will ever be known by the majority of the population but we need to focus on not having another JFK assassination in our lifetime.


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I am so stoked he finally published this!


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Me too!!!!


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Thank you for this.


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Ya know...I fucking can't stand some of the posters on this sub.

But ill tell ya this. People claim this shits a "right wing conspiracy" and from what I've seen most pizzagaters dont give a fuck if someone is liberal or conservative they just want to people to stop fucking raping and murdering children.

This shit got popular with clinton...but thats only because her cronies got caught first. Or not even really...just it finally started to hit the mainstream.

You guys keep on chugging. I hope this sub keeps posting.


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Thank you for your tireless work. If it wasn't for people like you I wouldn't have been able to concentrate on researching the extent of the Pizzagate conspiracy - because that's what it is, a conspiracy.

I too had grown tired of reddit in 2016, primarily because of the "brigaded" racism on the sub r/watchpeopledie when it came to videos of unarmed black men, women and children being killed by cops during the height of black lives matter. It was completely anomalous to the general pathos of the sub, which was a respect for the fragility of life with some gallows humour thrown in. I also discovered in the Podesta emails about Eric Garner and Jordan Davis that the Clinton team were boosting the "black on black crime" angle of this crisis and engendering a dependency culture among blacks to secure their votes in the election. It was all a human sacrifice psyop.

Then pizzagate broke and I knew hundreds of people were doing great work investigating the corrupt Clinton team, so I set about searching for usage of these codes.

I soon found out that not only were people in the Bernie Sanders campaign using pizzacode to arrange sex with kids, but there was a group of people using pizzacode innuendo to help them but also brownstone them at the same time.

I dug deeper and found pizzacode being used near me in the UK and by famous people and political operatives and also by complete nobodies and anons. I took hundreds of screenshots from twitter accounts. My search simply consisted of putting someones account @handle and the word pizza in the twitter search engine. Then I would order the tweets from the latest first, then scroll down to their first use of the word and read upwards. I began to build a picture of what the pizzagate conspiracy was about in both geography and time.

I also expanded the vocabulary of the pizzacode because I couldn't fail to notice the many terms that would constantly turn up in a 140 character innuendo.

We all know what pizzagate isn't because the legacy media have provided us with that false narrative of Hillary Clinton and a DC pizzeria. Don't get me wrong, they were big players but only a tiny fraction of the conspiracy - they were conspirators but also more than willing patrons.

So what is pizzagate really? I'll put it as best I can: It is the ultra rich global Zionist elite shoring up the compliance of the political class through paedophilia, the intelligence agencies bringing down social and political movements using paedophilia, and it is police forces controlling the trade in child prostitutes to target people on an individual basis.


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WOW amazing post! This is exactly what I witnessed in real time. This is an extremely important post and I would love it to be stickied so newbies understand how all this came to be...'What happened' sounds like a good title for a book lol. Thank you 'fuckcencorship' thank you 'SterlingJB' and thank you to the unwavering Pizzagate/Pedogate community. You are all AWESOME.

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