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Could this be why there is such an urgent push to begin an impeachment of Trump case?

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They are so fucking desperate. MAGA!!!!

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Yeah I almost regret being impatient, it's pretty fun watching them squirm

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Geeze wouldn't it be terrible if they have some of the CNN and MSNBC presstitutes indicted as accessories before and after the fact of felonies?........................NOT

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Yes, but things are moving fast now, $$ been cut off now from SA which flow to the corruption, DNC? Why did Podesa Group close shop? http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/11/saudi-arabia-swaps-assets-freedom-arrests-171118083433633.html

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This could either be Pizzagate related, or Trump/Russia related. Or both.

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Also about 250 members of MS 13 have been arrested. HQ is on VA and 1/2 hr from DC. MS 13 were hired as mercenaries to kill Seth Rich and in 10/1 Vegas shooting. One of the "Juan Campos" is MS 13. Note Stephen Paddock also had a "13" tattooed on his neck.

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Upvoat for ya, @Lawyer4Justice. You did an excellent job explaining this, and you put it in words that mere mortals (i.e., non-lawyers) can understand. This is very helpful, especially in light of all the chatter about the "sealed indictments" that I've seen here, on 4chan/pol, and on Twitter. Great job. Thank you.

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CNN is previewing a story now about the unusual push by Senate to seat new judges, even ones they claim are not qualified. This would tie in with an unprecedented amount of indictments, would it not?

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Yes. They need to get white-hat judges in place.

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🆒 I Love You @fartyshorts.

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Seems like we are almost to the spot where the plot gets hot.

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Thanks OP! Answers many questions I had about the sealed indictments. One "bonus" of the pizzagate investigation is that I have learned so many things during the last year - about law, art trade, the international monetary system and much more.

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what were some of the things that you learned about the art trade? anything eye opening?

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We learned of a network of embassies that move expensive packages puroorted to be art, unchecked by any customs-all around the world. We reviewed the notion that high end art pieces are an excellent trade commodity for traffickers and criminals to use as a purchasing currency in big sales. We also learned that many of our p-gate usual suspect's named have come up all over said art exchange network. This comes near the end of the podesta art collection/abramovic performance art crowd/transformer art gallery rabbit holes. Consider: why else would richy riches spend so much on sophomoric and appallingly hideous art? Because it is attached to a secret commodity that us transferred out of site: kids, slaves, organs, drugs...

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I second that! Unless you just meant how it's used to wash money and funnel nefarious money from here to there. Makes sense, since art is subjective to begin with who is anyone to tell someone else that a piece of shit watercolor painting that took 3 minutes isn't worth 10 million dollars?

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800+ in two weeks vs 200+ all year Assuming that the 832 number is correct

According to 8chan, it is now 1100.

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What source is everyone referring the number of indictments?

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I'm not sure anyone has any actual source. I see all these big numbers thrown around but the only source is a Google docs file.

Edit: I stand corrected. Read the OP.

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Ive only seen a google drive reference that I will not click. Surely there must be something better!

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got a link ?? 4chan is not my friend...............lol lol

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I was forced to break up with4chan.

Said good bye.

Became 98% totally wasted time for me.

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Don't click a google drive link you fucking morons

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Why not?

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The person posting the doc then knows your gmail email address making it easier to dox you.

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Bless you. I was hoping someone could distill this, thank you. @lawyer4justice - I'm not breaking OPSEC to sign up for PACER account, if you have access, can you search the same time frame for last year? There are lots of recurring operations in all facets of LE which occur at the same time every year. If you can get that info from PACER, I'd be curious to see what was filed in this same timeframe, in the same jurisdictions in 2016. Thanks.

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Me too. I was kinda wondering if it was one of those patriot act secret court secret trial things. Your explanation fits in the sense of a large criminal network, as opposed to a terrorist cell thing.

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Awesome research...you've answered many questions that I and I'm sure many people have about this whole part of the subject...Much love...

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