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@Millennial_Falcon @Vindicator @Crensch

This should not be deleted.

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Thank you @kevdude

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I don't see it anymore. Who said that Anon was Sarah Huckabee Sanders?

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Kevdude wants to delete this but cant. He is not on your side. He is aware there is a backlash because of the pedo mods here so he is doing damage control. One of the accounts he pinged was one of his alts, aka the most hated mod here.

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Why the fk would this be deleted?

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PG has pretty strict submission guidelines. This is more of a call to action, which does not exactly fit the sidebar, but at the same time does not exactly not fit the sidebar.

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Some of the mods are compromised.

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Anon said that 'NFPs are useful vehicles for money laundering.' Which Non Profits have ties to SA?

From BBC news, July 2, 2015: Saudi Arabian billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has said he will donate his $32bn (£20bn; €29bn) personal fortune to charity. The 60-year-old nephew of King Salman is one of the world's richest people. He said he had been inspired by the Gates Foundation, set up by Bill and Melinda Gates in 1997. The money would be used to "foster cultural understanding", "empower women", and "provide vital disaster relief", among other things, he said. Mr Gates praised the decision, calling it an "inspiration to all of us working in philanthropy around the world".

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Can this be temp stickied?

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HELLO VOAT!! This is my very FIRST Post. I am reading voat/pizzagate and voat/conspiracy EVERYDAY since about I heard,that you guys created a pizzagate sub...so pretty long. I never felt the urge to comment,...but now I start.

This is HUGE!....I am connecting so many dots in my brain right now...crazy Can't keep up with reading...so much info coming in.... Anyway, just wanted to say hello. You guys are doing a awesome job. My family thinks I am a bit crazy,....but shit is going to change now.

Greetings from Ger

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Greetings from Australia :)

Try not to overload yourself, enjoy some music while you read, look after yourself and all that. Shit's definitely changing, buckle up ;)

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Hey fellow Aussie, this is fascinating isn't it? Aussie pol so boring.

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ped o file...PRICELESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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"YOU THINK YOUR HOT SHIT DON'CHA"!! If I was really skippy, I think I would worry about my ass all day long, instead of posting this shit.

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Dont be a faggot.

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They think you are crazy - show them police teports, since Trump took office over 6000 pedophile arrests, some big names.

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Those helped so much! Thank you

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Thanks! Required indeed!

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i thought Assad & Putin were good guys... so confused

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Compared to the US/CIA illegal wars of aggression and US/CIA warmongering all over the world ... they are!!

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Long time lurker, first time poster, and bonafide survivor of Pizzagate. I need to THANK all of you in the VOAT community who have pushed this investigation forward. When I awoke to my victim status last year and fled my home, I went into hiding and was terrified for my life. VOAT was a guiding light and saving grace to me during this time. So many of you are absolutely onto the Truth, and thanks to your efforts, I believe this is all about to be revealed and taken down. Many of you have been asking "where are the survivors? Why don't they speak out?" Know that each one of us were tortured repeatedly so that we would NEVER remember, let alone speak out. I am defying my abusers and subverting their mind control programming, and I am making my stand right here, right now. I recently made public statements on facebook and twitter, and I invite you to visit my timelines and see the Truth as I see it, based on my own experiences and what I see happening in the world today. I am no longer afraid, and I now have faith that there are, indeed, GOOD people in the world who will succeed at eradicating this awful practice. THANK YOU VOAT!!!! Keep pushing! We are winning and we are about to see the fruits of your labor displayed for all the world to see. You are a part of history, and you are making a difference for so many victims like me.

www.facebook.com/SaRaRenaLove www.twitter.com/SaRaAshcraft

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Tears in my eyes. You are SO BRAVE. Thank you SO MUCH for posting. May God Bless you and keep you strong and safe!!!!!!!! I'm praying for you.

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Thank you @alphabravo! I have cherished reading your contributions, and your name is very familiar to me. Same with @blacksmith21 and many others.

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So happy that you are alive and here with us, I wish you justice and peace in your heart.

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Thank you. And thank you for your personal contributions.

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Thank you.

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Sorry, your words caused a break down here haha. Damn allergies. But I want to say, please stay, we very much need you x

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I'm not going anywhere. NOTHING, not even DEATH, will prevent my truth from being told now. I'm still in physical danger, but I am no longer afraid, and VOAT has a lot to do with that. I feel I owe the freedom of my mind to voat, at least in part.

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My God Sarah. I just read your Twitter feed. I cannot imagine how you survived that but someone was protecting you.

How were you able to escape?

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It's a really long story, but basically, it became clear to me that I was a victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse that was presently ongoing as of March 6, 2017 (age 35). My gut said to RUN because I wasn't safe - I had a strong awareness that they were going to crucify me on Easter to mock Jesus (they often used me as Jesus or Mary in rituals). @ChrisCronsell believed me, even though it sounded bizarre and impossible, and we each packed a bag and drove straight to the FBI in D.C. They sent us away because they only handle terrorism (if only I had realized then that these people ARE ISIS in America, they would have listened, maybe). We then went to MD field office and reported to the desk agent, he sent us away claiming they didn't have jurisdiction. I don't know if the report was ever recorded. FBI is likely VERY dirty and not following up. I've reported directly to the WH and to the FBI in my new location, as well as police departments in 4 states. No one has followed up with me. We were on the run for 2 weeks and drove all over America trying to make sense of what we were going through. During this time, Chris' memories started to return as well, and we began to realize that he is also a victim of one of these families. FAMILY IS THE KEY!!!! It is all the Family International, Children of God, lost tribe of Israel (Canaanites), 13th illuminati bloodline, masons, etc. All branches of the same family tree descended from Ancient Phoenicia/Hivites (Canaanites). Since we've been on the run and in hiding, we have been working together and filling in the blanks for each other, we cracked the code and put a LOT of things together, including biblical naming patterns that indicate a person's role in the rituals for other cult members to be able to identify them, even when they don't know the person. We've cracked the bloodline pattern (maternal) and political/property pattern (paternal), and many more details of how the mechanisms work. We hid in Cali for 6 months and then recently moved again. We are still being harassed and targeted - a dirty sheriff (married to my realtor, both involved) did an illegal and unsolicited "wellness check" on our 5th day here. The cult here has been following us as we shop and go about town. We are recording everything and wear body cameras at all times in public. Chris carries a duty size pistol with at least 3 rounds at all times on the property and we sleep with a Bull Pup in the room. We have been at each other's side every minute of every day for over a year. The truth really is stranger than fiction, because these assholes don't put the whole truth in their fiction. Our culture is completely infested: music/TV/Movies reference these things symbolically ALL THE TIME. It really requires an understanding of esotericism, kabbalah, biblical bloodlines, current events, symbology, mythology, psy ops, and many other pieces that only make sense when you look at this whole thing through the lens of occult pedo human sacrifice bloodline cults for the purpose of consolidating power and exerting control over the masses. The key is Phoenicia/Hivites - ancient egyptian/babylonian "mysticism" which is really just psychological mind control phenomenon. These bloodlines have ruled the world for 6000 years and have infested EVERY culture and country on the planet. HRC was to be the final act. She was going to hand over control of our country to the Guild of Doom (i.e. "God") to be part of the "benevolent despotism" described by Bill Cooper (former mason, murdered for breaking his blood oath of silence). My father must be a high priest in this ancient Phoenician/Hivite (aka Canaanite) cult (derived from Zoroaster/Zarathustra dualism ideology) because he imbued me with so much esoteric knowledge when I was 14 that I was able to put this all together on my own, with Chris' help, in a matter of months, at age 36, after being completely unaware I was a victim for 35 years. (Look up "Tertiary Structural Dissociation" and read Alison Milller's "Healing the Unimaginable" or "Becoming yourself" to get a glimpse of the experience). It's a miracle, really, and I am only alive today because I trusted my intuition. Attraction/avoidance gut instincts are more accurate that reason - the Body never lies!!! The body holds all the memories of abuse, and as I listen more to my body (they tried hard to dissociate me from my body completely) the more the memories come. I plan to share all the details, once I've recovered more of the memories of the abuse. But with being on the run and fearing for my life, I haven't been able to do solid, focused memory work the way I need to. It takes most survivors YEARS to break out of the mind control. I credit the recovery of my memories and waking up from the mind control to my faith in God, my commitment to Christ-like principles, my formidable spirit, my acute mind, the strong and secure attachment bond with Chris, and the awareness that Trump is making the world a safer place for me to exist in the light of Truth. And VOAT! Seriously, I cannot stress enough how important VOAT has been to me and Chris in this process. It's been our lifeblood. I've wanted to chime in so many times to nudge the researches a little further when they are right on the edge of big truths, but I've been too afraid of being doxed. Now that I'm firmly planted in a newly purchased home, he and I are standing and facing the enemy and choosing to FIGHT instead of run. God is on our side. If God is with us, who can be against us?

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Oh yeah...Obama and Saudi...OG Birther here...always wondered why Alwaleed got the Usurper into Harvard. Remember that Obama grew up as a Muslim in Indonesia and IMO is the son of that subud cult guy. the resemblance is uncanny. https://s14-eu5.ixquick.com/cgi-bin/serveimage?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.thepostemail.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2014%2F01%2FScreenshot-Bapak-Obama.png&sp=df65fcd264c3a650521a461f25c921b6 Loretta Fuddy was also subud and certified the fake birth certificate and was subsequently suicided by diver in the water after a small plane crash...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9v636AlaVmE

So, the implications are that O is a true Manchurian Candidate for Alwaleed...his actions certainly point to that...Alwaleed is Twitter's largest shareholder, Alwaleed at odds with Saudi ruling family, Alwaleed backs HRC, Alwaleed possible VIP in Vegas, Kushner tips Saudis off about possible coup, Alwaleed now in Saudi jail...looks like Trump just crushed a ruling family. Can't wait to see what he has in store for Soros and Rothschild...

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Obama is closer to Roths than you can imagine.....bloodline close. The son of the Ultimate cult actually...

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The son of whom !!!!?

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Barry Sotoro, manchurian candidate, son of Frank Marshal Davis (communist) who cannot provide vslid birth certificate and has taste for Hot Dogs!!!!!

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we knew so much of this about Obama. I feel angry!

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Me too Bro...

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Prince Walleed connected to HUMA - Harvard University Muslim Alliance He personally lobbied for Obama to attend Harvard + Big Clinton Donor and HUMA was in SA Today AND Prince Walleed had a Harem of Sex Slaves Including Children!!!

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I thought they meant Huma Abedin. This is so confusing.

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Everyone did! It's just been discovered it wa ps this!

[–] argosciv 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

Took me off guard too, I must admit.

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He's connected alright. Harvard has something called The Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Islamic Studies Program:


And they're soliciting donations to support their curious mission:

"We need your help to build a strong network of Harvard Muslim alumni around the world..."

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So the are trying to expand the Muslim Brotherhood. Do you remember that article Sacha Fal that people said was trash? It was about Huma and some of her family and a house in Michigan. I think there was something to it, imo. Wow Barack Obama is the Manchurian Candidate. We are living the Movie In Real Life Time.

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Huma = Harvard University Muslim Alumni?

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Just listened to Steve Pieczenik on Alex Jones show, and he was saying how Harvard has been hijacked by the luciferian elite.

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You mean homegrown terrorists.

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This info is really needed over at /pol, C. Can you post it please, with sources?

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Prince Walleed


Nice find.

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it's getting Shilly in 4chan tonight :)

Love it

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Taking flak=Over target

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Just deleted hentai comments from our stickies. That only happens when we are smokin' hot. 😁

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It's always shilly in /pol/

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right? xD

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From full/pol/:

So Al-Waleed has been meddling in foreign governments (ours), and doing backroom deals with our corrupt officials along with possibly funding terrorists in the US. Trump calls him out on manipulating the American government. Al-Waleed doubles down on his bullshit. Trump wins, goes to Saudi Arabia, makes nice with the king, and sells some weapons under the condition that the king gets his kids in-line. Vegas happens, and a few weeks later the King goes full purge. How much do you want to bet he's going to turn over any and all information he has on corrupt officials in the US? If you think kike brigade went nuts over Russia wait until you hear the war rhetoric against the Saudis.

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