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The hacker found child pornography on the Comet Ping Pong hard drive. That site was connected to 9 other international servers! He reported it to the DC Police. The next day Welch went in and shot up the restaurant hard drive. The hacker notified the FBI as well.
The hacker was told by the police that this evidence was actionable and was asked for more information. The hacker offered to show police how to obtain data. He was strung along from November to January then the officer went silent. The hacker’s truck was smashed while parked at his home. Camoflaged and masked man was caught in his bushes near home. Man was from two states away.


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Its too bad that the hacker wasn't able to shoot the intruder in the head to send a message right back to the elite: "fuck you and your lapdogs."


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Just a reminder back to the beginning of what started all of this, Mr. Gunk great job:-

1) Five Creepy Facts About the PizzaGate Street in DC. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jaj21dF2Y2Q

2) Five Suspicious & Creepy Facts About James Alefantis #PizzaGate - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VW0kF8ZVkO8&t=1s

3) THIS is why I believe PizzaGate is real! TRUE STORY! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydggZ6Yy1e8

4) CPS CORRUPTION AND PIZZAGATE DOCUMENTARY - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxSj2jZ7hng


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The Mr. Gunk video on James Alefantis was probably one of the best things produced during PizzaGate. I showed this to several liberal friends/family members and the video was at least able to get them to see that SOMETHING weird goes on with this man and his business establishments, and that he certainly is NOT just some "random pizza show owner."


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Is this the Mr.Gunk video you are talking about? I did this submission about it here on voat 4 months ago. It is an EXCELLENT video for people who don't believe pizzagate, and a great tool for redpilling! - I Archived True Pizzagate Story - THIS is why I believe PizzaGate is real! TRUE STORY! (pizzagate) submitted 4 months ago by TrishaUK https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1971851


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I found the interview very interesting, so I made a transcript of the first 15 minutes. Work in progress. Didn't think transcribing was so much work, took forever.

Link to the rest in raw format

Made from automatically generated subtitles.

Transcript for YouTube video: Interview with the Hacker who Broke into Comet Ping Pong and Found CP - #PizzaGate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTRewHDOr90

[Titus Frost] Hello everyone and welcome to the Dean Fougere / Titus Frost YouTube channel. Tonight I have a very special interview for all of you. We have the hacker who broke into Comet ping-pong on the phone with me now. So, Im going to be playing the interview through the phone because the Google Hangouts for some odd reason is not working.

And after this interview with him we're gonna do a little answer section for the people in the live chat. So, if you guys have questions after we do this interview you guys can ask yourquestions in the live chat we'll do a quick Q&A. All right, so I'm going to be handing it over now to, you know, "big fish" I guess we'll call him for now and he's gonna tell you a story. So take it away.

[Big Fish] All right, thanks for having me on, so that I can share my experience with everybody. Can you hear me okay?

[Titus Frost] Yeah, uhh let me see, can people in the chat hear him? Yeah I think so, go ahead.


[Big Fish] Okay. So, let me just start with a little bit of background about myself. I'm a small business owner, I own my own company and have a few employees and just work for myself. I'm not..., I'm not here to like get any followers or get any likes or ask for any money or anything like that. I'm just here to tell my story because I feel like it's important what happened to me and in this whole investigation. So, it all started last November when the Podesta emails came out. Me and some of my crew, some of the people that I work with, were researching the Podesta emails when they came out.

And uhm..., and uh... we found the section on Comet Pizza that had the download section with the zip files and we ended up getting into those files and found that, that they contained child pornography. So... uhm, instead of going out on the Internet, which you can't really do, you can't really take that information out on the internet and uuh..., and display the evidence to everybody. You know, as much as..., as much as you would like to, you know, to say, "hey you know, this is what theyre doing", so you know, our thought was let's take it to the proper authorities and so in late November we did. We took it to the authorities, the, the DC Metropolitan Police Department.

And when I first called, they kind of gave me the runaround and just kind of pushed my call around like, they would transfer me to another person, make me tell the whole story and then they would transfer me to another person and so basically they tired me out, where I didn't want to tell the story anymore. So then, uhm, I told them the whole story and I was pretty upset by the reaction that I got from the DC MPD. Uhm..., they seemed like they really didn't want to hear about it and like I said, they kind of just gave me the runaround. Uhm... ,and that was late November.


So, I thought the next step might be to contact the FBI because... I didnt, you know, I knew a li..., I knew... a little bit about the corruption in the FBI but I figured that was the only other step I had, I mean I didn't really know who else I could contact. And so I contacted the FBI and uhm... I told them the whole story.


And they took notes and whatnot but didn't..., didn't really say anything about it. And so I got off the phone with them and..., again this was in late November. And uh... so I waited a little while and December 4th... we came upon December 4th and on December 4th was the day that Edgar Maddison Welch went down to Comet Pizza, supposedly, with an assault rifle. Uhm... and so when that news broke on the 4th, I knew right away that it was a false flag to cover up for the evidence that I had given to the DC Police Department. I mean I knew right away, like right when it was happening.


So the following day was the 5th..., December 5th and uh... right when I woke up in the morning, I called the DC MPD again. This time I got a whole different reaction from the DC MPD. They put me directly through to a detective named Marcus Stevens. And so, when they put me through to Detective Stevens he was really interested in what I had to say. He listened and uh... asked me if I would send the information over to him through email. And so that's what I did on December 5th. I sent him the information through email.

When uuh..., when I talked to him on the phone I said "You know Marcus, there's a lot of hearsay out there and there's a lot of speculation and there's a lot of evidence that is unactionable. But this is actionable evidence".

And I said "You need to go down there and you need to ask James what this is. And if he doesn't tell you what it is, you need to ask him for what the passwords are. And if he doesn't ask you for the pass... ...word, if he doesn't give you the password, then he's hiding something from you".


I said, "This is actionable evidence". And he agreed, he seemed like a really nice guy when I talked to him on the phone. And so, I sent him the email. And then, that night I thought about, you know, that I didn't send any kind of confirmation on the email to confirm that he received it. That I confirm that he received the email.

I also wanted to let him know that, if he needed help getting into that section, if he needed help getting back to that part, if he needed any help at all, that I'd be happy to help.

And so I sent that email first before I actually sent the confirmation email. I sent him another email after that, asking if he could confirm the receipt of the evidence that I had supplied him. And uh..., the next day I got an email back from him, saying that he had received the email. So I said "Thank you, God bless, I appreciate it", you know, I remember exactly what I said, that's what I said to him.

So for the next two weeks... I was in contact with them. And I was sending him emails, different stuff, because this wasnt just that website, it was connected to nine different servers all across the globe, this is a huge network..., this was a huge network.


So..., back to the Edgar Maddison Welch shooting on the fourth. When Edgar Maddison Welch went in there, they tried to say that he shot through a lock and into the computer's hard drive. He just so happens and this magic bullet happened to go right through a lock into the hard drive.

[Titus Frost] Yeah. And that story itself has been confirmed by James Alefantis himself, who wrote in The Washington Post that that's what happened. So they've admitted that's the... their version of the story... absolutely (unintelligible)

[Big Fish] Not..., not only that but Megyn Kelly did did a piece on Fox where there's a guy named Trace Gallagher who's like another reporter on their... Trace Gallagher actually did a story on the lock and they actually showed the lock. And if you go back on YouTube and you can find that piece and you look at it, you can clearly see that the lock is up high. It was up high. So the guy would have to be shooting at a weird angle down and to the right or it would have had to ricochet off and go right through the hard drive so... Anyway that's kind of suspicious and like I say that happened after I had reported in November to the DC MPD when they blew me off. Then that happened and I called them back and they put me right through to detective Marcus Stevens. And we have that series of emails. So then, after that, uhm... that was 12/5 that I reported it.


So around 12/7/2016 I came home to my house and I live in a nice neighborhood. Like I said Im a small business owner, uhm... all my neighbors are old, uhm... there's no crime here, nothing happens in my neighborhood it's a... it's in a cul-de-sac. Uhm..., so I came home on the 7th and all of my mail was open but it was still in my mailbox. So that was the first thing that happened to me.

Then, a few days later uuh..., on 10/16 so 9 days later... or 12/16 I'm sorry, 12/16/16 I got home from work and I was pretty tired so I went to bed like around 9:30 at night. And I was awoken by my son knocking on my door saying "Dad there's somebody at the door". And so, I started walking towards the door and through that hallway you can see like... through the window of my door you can see down the hallway you could see me coming. When the person saw me coming they took off running, jumped in their car and took off. At that point I looked to my right and one of my work trucks was smashed. The guy had..., had run right into it, like t-boned it. Then he came up to my door, looked in my window and when he saw me coming he ran off, jumped in his car and he took off. And I've already sent Titus all the information, police report and everything that was filled out that night. And so, once that happened, I kind of thought 'Wow, that's..., thats really odd what just happened', you know, my mail got opened and that..., that happened. But I was kind of like, 'Nah you know you're just... you're being paranoid' or something went on so they totaled the truck. It (unintelligible) cul-de-sac they got hit by somebody, a guy came up to my door and (unintelligible) make of that whatever you want.


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Reported to the POLICE... Reported to the FBI... NOTHING DONE Well done Titus BTW and bravely out there with this since Dec/Jan..


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If the authrities wont do anything. Track these people doen.

The H.E.R.O. Child-Rescue Corps



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Did you notice who is in hero corps? You trust those people not to suicide you?


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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=HTRewHDOr90 | https://www.hooktube.com/embed/HTRewHDOr90 :

Interview with the Hacker who Broke into Comet Ping Pong and Found CP - #PizzaGate - YouTube

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Ok. So if it's true, this is pretty crazy, but why is this guy still alive if they know who he is and sent people to his house?

If it's false, what reason would this guy LARP as the hacker? Possibly as something like "the defeatist" shill: "i talked to all these different police and they aren't doing anything so theres no hope"

Also this guy claims his name is 'Big Fish'? Wasn't there someone claiming to be the hacker and his name was Phi San back around when this broke?

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