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Bryan Singer + Kevin Spacey = The Usual Suspects

Bryan Singer's friend since childhood and screenwriter for all his hits is Christopher McQuarrie.

McQuarrie was previously fired from Christ Church Grammar School, a boarding school for young boys.

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Some of them like abusing them when they are close to legal age. They think that way people will think it is OK. It is not. It does not matter if this boy is gay or not. Would you call your son a man at the age of 17? What if someone asked you how your boys were doing? Would you say well, my two boys are fine and so is my man? This must stop. They want us to think of our children as little adults. They are not. Not until they are. Some mature earlier some later. Each child is different. They grow up way to fast as it is. Keep them children as long as you can. They are adults their whole lives. Children only once.

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Exactly. Excellently said.

And the other point is that these are PREDATORS! They are professional groomers and molestors. They know all about psychology and use tricks to manipulate and get these kids to do what they want. What do people think the drugs and twink parties were for? To drop inhibitions, get kids high, and steep them into the paradigm that "THIS IS ALL RIGHT BECAUSE EVERYONE DOES IT!!!"

If someone held a loaded gun to a kid's head and told them to have sex or else, it would be considered rape. But somehow when the kid is groomed, drugged, and manipulated, people don't see it as "RAPE"! It is RAPE. Hence the laws!!!!

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I wonder how many people would still go to the movies of these people if they knew. Some could never believe it and others would just never be able to wean themselves of it. People are so brain washed and conditioned. They are Zombie Sheep.

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Great point!! There is this almost excusing of behavior when the VICTIM is close to 18 as though most of our decisions were spot on and adult like when we were that age...MINE WERE NOT...was I mature? Maybe..Did I make the right choices at all times no was I an adult it really depended on the scenario. I grew up fast too some kids dont until they are forced into these sick situations and become the ones that "tempted the adults" because they were "close enough to adults anyway" Straight out of the PREDATOR playbook! People are so skeeved out by this topic that its just easier for folks to excuse the adults behavior rather than admit that they were in the company of or had friends and family that are ABUSERS!!

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Yeah, I have seen things on TV that really force me to turn off shows. Dads of kids giving the eye to one of their friends walking into the room with shorts up to their ying yang. That is OK? NOT. Parents nowadays don't want to say to their kids, Hey turn off that show it is unacceptable , and then tell them why. There is so much out there that is affecting the morals of our children and it is really right in your face if you are awake. I think that is the problem. Not all of us are awake and they are capitalizing on it big time.

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Mueller's FBI drilling into the Malibu jet set over widespread pedophilia would disrupt a century-old Democrat establishment narrative and impede the perpetual flow of cash into clever Marxist coffers spread throughout the D.C. machinery.

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your username. LOL

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And of course he's Jewish