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Thanks for posting this steemit...i tried to pull her website, but it has since been removed. I am posting this here for emphasis from the author: **There is an interesting video short on Debra's LinkedIn page, showing how art is transported from A to B. I watched that because I have been half-wondering whether the transportation of works of art might in some way be linked into human trafficking - big boxes waved through customs under the radar; refrigeration; discreet shipping and handling, big money changing hands and all that kind of conspiratorial thinking. I haven't done any research into this area yet so we don't have any facts to examine but while the idea's perhaps not impossible, the question would remain: why use expensive transportation over long distances when, let's face it, you can probably get what you need closer to home? Whatever it might be.

I just founs this brilliant Pizzagate article about art and how the Podestasas could have used it to fund human trafficking:



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Here is a Latin America Photography Exhibition she curated at Dulles Airport, sponsored by the bank....,9963.html

UMBC is University of Maryland, Baltimore County

And one at National Airport with creepy art...

...The exhibit shows off the variety of materials used across Central and South America, from wood and clay to tin and textiles. Carlomagno Pedro Martínez uses the black clay readily on hand in Oaxaca, Mexico. "Canoe with Devils" and "Death Carriage" are phantasmagorical scenes with skeletons riding a bull, pulling a wagon, and paddling a boat while leaving behind a trail of skulls. It is "serious with a lighthearted look," said Corrie. Masks of weird and wild creatures add a playful aura to the airport walkway. One standout is a pink face, by Peruvian artist Juana Mendívil, with protruding red ears, spirally horns and a large spider smack in the middle of the forehead....


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Hi ID : ). And yikes?! Good find!


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I just founs this brilliant Pizzagate article about art and how the Podestasas could have used it to fund human trafficking:

That article is complete nonsense. Selling a 4 million dollar apartment for $1 million + $3 million in art only works if the seller can turn around get three million for the artwork. If they can't, they just gave you an apartment super cheap for nothing. THIS IS A METHOD OF LOSING FUNDS. You would be funding exactly nothing if the art didn't have resale value. In fact you would be shortly running out of funds.

The article then says this which is provably false.

We also know the Clinton Foundation has made donations to Abromavic’s art foundation.

and it points to this page as evidence

How do I know it's false, because the Clinton Foundation doesn't fund art. How long did it take me to prove it false? About 90 seconds. The Reddit page shows someone who posted a screenshot with proof, but no link. Why no link? Because the screenshot proof was bullshit. It's not from the Clinton Foundation, it's from a different foundation, this one. Look up Manchester and you'll find the source of that screenshot.