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EDIT: see: "Unless disney/Toy collector, whatever IDC made another sex tape involving kids toys I'm uninterested "

update 10-27-17, Last night I discovered I had over 30 malware apps installed on my laptop so I must have clicked on something on here at some point from one of the shills. My emails are being intercepted and so many strange things have happened it is crazy.

If you do not want to get targeted like me I suggest you do something to protect your IP address before you search for any of these, especially #13 the weird baby games site that has a section about pizza under “descendants games.” I stumbled on at least one blog about Lisa Irwin that tracks every single person who comes to the website and you can even view who is on there at the time, and then remove your own IP address. That one is the Shadow Play blog about “simulated kidnappings.”

1) I tried to tweet at the Tacopina Law firm last night and Twitter started blocking me from doing so. I assume people are screwing with / remotely messing with my computer. I tried contacting them today by phone, the secretary said that they are no longer representing the family. I emailed the info@ address with some information.

2) Yesterday, I was starting to look really far into the Lisa Irwin case after I finished writing up this post. In my mind it is necessary to flesh this out completely to see if anything does not fit what I have spotted. There is tons of stuff online. Immediately when I first began looking up clips I noticed that it seemed almost like Megyn Kelly was put on the case because there was something unique about it. From everything I am reading there seems to be a controlled narrative that Lisa Irwin's mom was in on the kidnapping which I do not believe. I have many reasons for this, but I cannot rule it out until I am done investigating.

A year ago (coincidentally right when Pizzagate got big) the family was forced to take down their missing sign from their front yard by the city.

The main and most important evidence to me so far is the fact that everything I have found so far confirms rather than negates my impression about Greg Chism having her.

3) Regardless of how or where those kids in his household came from, I have found nothing that makes me think he is in any way innocent or that I was overreacting to his being a creepy pedophile.

4) The people who work with Greg Chism are not really trying to hide their creepiness at all. Their code speak is obvious, just watch these videos:

5) Why is a person who at least somewhat looks like John S. Tanko ("Jersey") dedicating a video of a heavy metal song performance cover on YouTube to Greg Chism? What is that about? I have screenshots of someone commenting that his basement is similar to Hannibal Lecter. Is that a joke or is it not a joke? Who knows.

6) Why did Greg Chism make a video in 2013 showing off his stomach and delving into his heart problems when he was 19 / 20 ish. In the video, he lifts his shirt and shows that he has six scars on his stomach. Are these ONLY scars from a surgery or is he showing off? A person of interest or a witness was questioned in 2012 regarding the Lisa Irwin case, someone who was being questioned after he stabbed someone "in self defense" according to him. And the person he stabbed "had his intestines sliced."

7) In a subsequent video, Interview with Geek to Freak, by Top Notch Lawn Care, Greg goes on and on and on about his experience playing Hockey but he doesn't reflect on how he was able to play so much hockey (Skating - a code word on craigslist) with a severe heart defect / heart issue. I suppose we are to think that his heart problem was fine during that time, but he recently went back to the hospital for a heart problem again (right after I reported him in July). During this video and I recommend you all watch it from start to finish, he mentions several times how badly he drools thinking about his hockey gear, and uses many many many creepy phrases and expressions. He can hardly keep his laughter in. The other guy says that he would "love to see that footage" of Greg Chism's stash of hockey gear. He goes on and on about how much money he makes and his "operations" from doing lawn care. At the end of the video the other dude makes a point of addressing the video Greg made in 2013 about the heart problems (the one I mentioned above where he showed his stomach with the six possible stab wound marks). He says he doesn't want to live dangerously he just wants to make enough money to be happy and he thinks people should get into the lawn care business because these days you can become a millionaire doing lawn care.

In the middle part of this video the guys make a joke about online dating on Craigslist. They then post an ad that Greg posted on Craigslist and it has the abbreviations in the capital letters that we have seen before. I can't figure out what any of them mean, but I'm sure they've got to be sexual or pedo. The ad says that the ability to do a drive a zero angle turn is a plus. This is a lawn care reference to a lawn mower but it is on Urban Dictionary as a sexual thing as well.

He also mentions that he decided when he was 38 that this is what he wanted to do for a living. That's around the time that the other girl in the videos would have been a baby or right before. She's about 8 and he's around 46.

8) Another video mentions that Greg had to take down his previous channel Greek to Freak lawn care, because of "haters" and that he needed to "protect his family."

9) I found an article that says that John Tanko bragged to a witness about kidnapping Lisa Irwin for $300.

10) In the 2013 heart problems explanation video, Greg Chism mentions that he went to St. Louis for the open heart surgery and has had two. I wonder if we can find out whether he was the stabbing victim that was held in the hospital after the other witness was questioned.

11) There is yet another guy doing a lawn care video on YouTube and he is clearly speaking in code. “I made a Terrible mistake. lawn care.”

At this point I think it's necessary to investigate the photos of everyone in his "lawn care" ring.


Video posted on 11-11-11 at 8:03 am

11+11+11 = 6

8:03 am = 11 = 2

2 sixes

Lisa abducted 10-3-11 

10+3 = 13, + 11 = 24

2+4 = 6

third 6

sixes = three


the mark of the beast

13) Googled Baby Lisa and stumbled on a kids’ game website that has a section called “descendants games” and it mentions pizza and fantasies

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