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Here's a direct link to the video:


and here's a link to an alternate copy. Both are the uncut version:



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Not really "just released", but it is an important documentary! Along with "Conspiracy of silence". Good stuff.


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It explains in like the second paragraph of the article: "With the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse scandal blowing the doors off the open secret of Hollywood pedophilia, a documentary titled, “An Open Secret,” which premiered a few years ago to mass publicity but failed to gain digital distribution, has been officially posted online for the first time by the producer in the wake of recent events."


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A very convincing credible full length film. I'm glad it made it on the free web.

Difficult to watch emotionally, has triggers for me,couldn't hang in there on all of it, but will try again later from beginning to end. It's something I want others I know to watch, a strong red-pill.

Harvey sure helped make our case, it's amazing the difference. And being out of rehab should make him more available for papers getting served someday soon??? He can't be off the hook already can he?