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I argue that we should use the cabal's sacrife move AGAINST them. Use it to gather potential new leads on Podesta.

They made a very dangerous play. Punish them for it. Given that they know we're looking at them, this is BOTH very sloppy and very desperate/high risk.

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I agree. Use that same fire to keep going at them and expose them. Somehow i still have the vague feeling we were close to finding something else and we miss it. Maybe related to the Caris foundation and the girl Caris James/Cummings. I believe she is dead and if we could find her and prove that then its basically game over for them.

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Interesting point. How to find out hmmmm.....

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Great links. I agree this Weinstein exposure links Podesta more. Don't know why ended up posting with Henry Weinstein, pls ignore that lol - YES THE CONNECTION! - Harvey Weinstein & Jeffery Epstein & Bill Clinton (soon will ADD Podesta here too as the orchestrater I'm sure) - https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2202313

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I love you, @darkknight111 man. I love the way you think.

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Agree, use Weinstein to lead to his defender Woody Allen which will lead to pedophilia ..... corie feldmen .... Milo's interview with Joe Rogan when he talks about pool parties with homosexual Hollywood moguls involving '....very young boys..' and on from there onto Robert Deniro (who procured teen girls for Harvie) and who does De Niro is photographed with - MARINA ABRAMOVIC -Spirit Cooking - emails - Podesta .... and we have done a full 360 back at the Pizzagate!!! PS: Notice how irate Deniro was at the prospect of Trump winning the presidency. Now we know.

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Totally agree that Weinstein is a sacrificial offering to keep the pressure off others. A recent article mentioned that he would go on rants at the treatment facility that this was "all a conspiracy" against him.

I think we should be looking at Weinstein as a possible way to connect the dots and pick up others, but right now we've got a huge amount of public support to hit Weinstein and that shouldn't be ignored.

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I just listened to a Weinstein interview some years ago. He is bragging that "Bill Clinton and I have watched so many movies together. We even watched a few of my movies like Good Will Hunting. Then we built a private movie studio just for Bill!"

I believe those movies were the viewing of the compromising acts by our feds. Bill Clinton watches the movie to make sure they have what they need to go further with their agenda. Weinstein Clinton Epstein... Bill has to see the s********* to make sure they have what they need on the film. Same reason for the private server in his basement. They are running the human trafficking and sex compromisation using it against us and other countries around the world. Pay to play just for them... Hence my screen name.

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Damn good thinking.

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Yes. If it's in the msm it's suspect. THEY control the msm. They will NEVER allow the real pg facts to come out. Remember the "fake news"? It's still fake. If they give us that info it is only for one reason and it isn't to help us.

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I think there are 1000's keeping their attention to Podesta. Look when he tweets, he is buried by us goading him about his twisted actions. So Podesta is in the crosshairs and Weinstein may end up being the tool needed to pry off the pedophile lid. He is clearly agitated and may just snap and start naming names. I think Harvey believes this will all blow over like Epstein and he can get back to his predator lifestyle. When he finally realizes he is never going "back" anywhere he will lose it.

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That is what I was hoping, he is a loose canon, 65, and may snap and retaliate against his handlers by releasing tapes of those pool parties that Milo mentioned on Joe Rogan. (I am sure Harvie has access to them for blackmail purposes) He must know every name associated with PG. Question is, will he snap?!

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His daughter thought so when she called police a week or so ago.

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Everytime they throw someone under the bus like Comet, or Weinstein they underestimate the ability of thousands of researchers, and it always backfires towards them. One thing it has certainly done, is shine a light on Pedowood and added to the list of sexual abusers connected to the Clintons. They all need to go before a judge. This is what they do there is no loyalty.

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cant wait for all the celebrity names and politicians names to be confirmed

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Pedophlia and Corie Feldman was already mentioned on Hannity and Judge J.Pirro.

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No one is forgetting PODESTA. No released pressure. Its only just starting.

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And notice how Skippy stopped trolling and went back into hiding.

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Agree 100 %! Weinstein is what is called a Limited Hangout - covering up the real horrors. Also, Weinstein's misdeeds is what can public relate to unlike the likes of Podesta & PG that is involved in rape, torture & murder of toddlers and children (that is surely to cause civil war-2) !!!

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The connection is that Weinstein is Hollywood...the folks calling the shots on who gets "sacrificed" to investigators are the ones in power in DC. We'll see more Hollywood types getting exposed, but the end game will be when politicians start going down. Hollywood is an appetizer.

NOTE: No threads on this, but Trump's decision to release ALL the JFK files? 1. Preparing the US electorate to accept "your government lies and withholds info from you". 2. Message to the black hats: "I can release ANYTHING".

When does Hillary get back from her int'l trip? Maybe never.

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