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I read this on 4chan too and as much as it makes me SO happy if this were true, I feel cheated that Hillary wouldn’t go down for pizza. I know, I know, at least she would be indicted BUT if this world is going to change for real then the everyday normie needs to realise the depths of evil we are dealing with. Not just corruption and dirty Middle East dealings - but child trafficking, paedophilia, satanism etc. People like MegaAnon always say that the masses couldn’t deal with the truth but I say, it’s about time humanity is treated like an adult and given the full truth. Yes there may be fall out but I think it all needs to come out, in public, for all to see.

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Same with me! I want her going down for Pizza with Podesta just to prove to the naysayers that I'm right when I say they (Dem's) support what I call the Baby Fuckin Baby Eaters! I want to see them publicly humiliated to the point it humiliates everyone who supports them.

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I understand that we're all coping with the trauma of these revelations in our own way, and don't want to judge anyone's coping mechanisms. I do want to suggest, moving forward, that we speak with great care and gentleness about the children themselves.

After all that we have exposed ourselves to in researching the darkest depravities of humanity, it is easy to understand that we have become desensitized, inured even, to the vulnerable, young, living human beings who endure what we merely read about. They have earned our deepest respect and consideration in how we speak of them.

Also, as more 'normies' awaken to the darkness that underpins our world, in every community, around the world -- we will serve our cause more truly if our language here is as minimally traumatizing as we can manage. Their trauma will already be overwhelming to them, as it has been to us.

Let us learn to be gentle with one another where there is trust, and honorably fierce where trust exists not yet.

I honor and thank all the sincere people here who have braved the darkness in hopes of bringing light. I know the Light prevails, Truth prevails. I am beyond grateful that there are those sincerely willing to serve the Light.

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Why do you call them Baby Fucking Baby Eaters?

What evidence do you have for such lunacy?

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Mega anon makes sense. The INITIAL takedown of Hillary would logically be for things other than "pizza". "Pizza" is probably something that will be added later.

In terms of handeling the truth, the white hats have plans in place to prevent people from going crazy on mass. Our role to play will likely be to support these efforts and maintain people's hope.

One of my sources says that "Pizzagate is the trauma that will need the most healing." The issue that needs to be handeled the most carefully.

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I agree - but the truth is so shocking that no matter how it comes out, people will lose their shit. And quite rightly! Healing can only come if the full truth is revealed. I’d rather risk that and some civil instability if it means innocent children are protected sooner.

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I used to think that way as well, but there is really no way to handle it gently. What is happening to our children far surpasses the most heinous of crimes. Weinstein, Weinstein, Weinstein. I don't give a damn about that fat, ugly jerk-off or the women coming out of the woodwork. I don't give a damn about the NFL standing, sitting, kneeling, or standing on their head. I don't give a damn about Las Vegas. I don't give a damn about the next planned event, or the next one, or the one after that. I care about our children.

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They can't go after her for pizza because of the normies, they STILL think the body count is just a bunch of made up conspiracies by political hacks... anything to WOO WOO will break their brains, it will be hard for them to believe that she has done anything, without dismissing it as political lies.

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If we can´t get them on Pizza for now.. we still need these people to be arrested.

They are destroying america right now, and they wont stop until they are in chains or get there power back.

This need to start somewhere..

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We absolutely agree.

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Mega Anon = Kim Dotcom

"It will be released after I feel full from eating twinkies."

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You really think it's Kim Dotcom? 😮

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No, I'm joking. It just reminded me of him. All talk...

I hope it does come out soon, but we may as well laugh in the meantime.

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Why would Kim refer to himself as "American"?

"Regardless of party afflictions or beliefs, as Americans we should ALL demand the TRUTH..."

They all have a motive to cut a deal - Kim, Assange, Snowden, Comey, McCabe, Mueller, Lynch, Kadzik, Clinton, Trump, etc. If they have all been holding out while sitting on evidence of treason, extreme abuse, and criminal corruption for over a year, how can any of them be trusted?

Their ultimate Litmus Test is if any of them will ever utter the words "Pilgrims Society" (or several other secret groups involved at the top levels), and if any of them will reveal the real Truth about Racine, Wisconsin. We have a hard time believing anyone who effectively condones global corruption and abuse through complicity, PR stunts, and compromised deal-making.

There will never be justice in our broken and corrupt system until we rise up together to form a new method of justice through absolute Truth. The "root" of the real Truth is in Racine, Wisconsin. Anything less leads to the same outcome - Global Enslavement.

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I was joking.

Yes, the system is broken. If this is what the NWO globalists have to offer, then they need to be destroyed before they destroy humanity.

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I was JUST realizing that Mega could refer to him.

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Ha! I did not make that connection.

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It is called "The Art of the Deal."

Until the "root" of the swamp in Racine, Wisonsin is exposed and drained, the foundation of systemic corruption will remain.

We can't trust Comey. We can't trust Lynch. We can't trust the FBI. We can't trust the CIA. We can't trust the NSA. We can't trust DHS. We can't trust Mueller.

We don't trust Kim, we don't trust Assange, and we don't trust Trump. Prove us wrong. Any of you 3. Shine the light on Racine. Even US Senate Anon said to keep digging into Racine. People in the know surely know who Paul Ryan is. Will they ever expose the swamp in his district? Why not?

We trust what we know to be absolutely true. They all know how deep this goes, and yet none will say the full Truth. They hsve all been made aware in one form or another about Racine, Wisconsin. Comey and Lynch personally obstructed investigations. Trump endorsed the corrupt Foxconn deal in the area. It is no secret among those who know who the major players are that Racine is connected. In reality, Racine is the "root" of Global Criminal Corruption and the real agenda that leads to Global Enslavement under the deception of Sustainability (Satan's Ability) with the Mark of the Beast enforced by AI and Community Policing. No one wants you to know that part. They are afraid people will panic. So instead they make deals and allow it to continue while more lives are threatened, abused, ruined, harvested, and discarded.

Pizza is a small part of the pie. Racine is a bigger part of the pie (control of water, policing and education for example). Both pizza and Racine, which coincidentally has an abundance of pizza shops, need to be included in the swamp draining or the world will know this is another trick.

Ssdly we may be too late for any form of justice and reform in our broken system. We need a new form of justice, and a new model for reform. Our eternal lives are at stake. They might all be able to make deals and compromises, but if we make deals and compromise we will all be enslaved.

We cannot allow any more "deals" to be made that condone and catalyze the system of corruption.

Deals or Truth?

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Agree 100%. Plus, if what I believe to be true, which is that the current Assange is not "our guy" then the Mega Anon promised info dump falls apart. It's also based on the assumption that Wikileaks is not now controlled by an alphabet agency. Interesting timing on this, just as we get to a fever pitch about the dam breaking, we get another "Insider" saying hold on, just wait, wait until a certain date and then all your dreams will come true, except HRC will wear orange for other things other than pizza. (Never mind the lack of logic in some anonymous guy sharing the country's deepest secrets and playbook of the Elite and the US President on a public forum, just to reassure us.)

Time after time we are told to hold on, Santa is coming in the morning with the bag full of presents that we asked for. And then the morning comes but the house is cold and empty.

Deals or truth. A statement, not a question.

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I believe these promises of "something big is coming" are to discredit us when we go sharing the news to the on the fence people.

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We always know the guy that just can't keep a secret. Lol

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Amen. Amen. Amen.

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Amen and Amen...there will be no deals

Get them cuffed and use leverage.

Better yet fire the corrupt FBI brass bring the pizzagate researchers, the AwanGate researchers into a stadium and deputize them. Hand out badges and get to work.

There are many in here with credentials, education. background, training, and experience to take the reigns.

There are numerous Whistleblower former FBI, Law Enforcement, NSA, military, and even CIA who took a stand.

Put everyone back to work to clean out the country.

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Truth. Truth shall set us free. No more deals for they cannot be trusted.

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Dear Wiscosin is corrupt, I am fascinated by the antarctica-wisconsin-ancient civilization angle. Can you please point me to any more sources or info on this subject? Thanks for all your efforts and determination to uncover this crazy mess.

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There are plenty to choose from if you just look up Wisconsin Pyramids, Rock Lake, Lake Michigan Stonehenge, Black River Falls, Devils Lake, Devil's Head, Man Mound. Aztalan, giant skeletons frim Lake Delavan, and Robert Byrd"s expeditions to Antarctica among other connections. Look at our comment history.or search Wisconsin Antarctica.

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Whoa, it seems almost too good to be true, but I'm certainly grateful to you for posting this 4chan/pol info, @Dressage2. This gives me hope, during another all-nighter, that things will some day be okay. GOD, PLEASE LET THE TRUTH COME OUT. And God, for the love of all things holy, please let us #LockHerUp!

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My sources are also saying Assange is alive.

When this boils over, be prepared to enact our role to play, which will likely be assisting in the disclosure process. We need to be extremely careful, since pizzagate is the collective trauma that will need the most healing and is the thing most likely to cause people to go crazy on mass. Whatever plans you have as part of assisting disclosure, get them ironed out NOW.

We may be expected to testify against these monsters in court, so be prepared to steel ourselves against whatever trauma from our investigation that might show up again.

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I remind myself that the children used in their blackmail schemes and elitest games suffer unimaginably worse then we.

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Ready to testify. Bring it on in open court before the public...ala Nuremberg trials

They cannot traumatized me anymore than they have.

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Report: Quick gestalt: US State Department under Hillary Clinton had reports of sexual abuse of at least a dozen high school exchange students by their host families. This was reported to the administrator of the program and it was all swept under the rug by them, likely in coordination with Hillary's State Dept. NBC Broke the story but no other station picked it up. So it was dropped. THERE is so much more on here. My brain is hurting from it all. GOD, she is disgusting.

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Great news! I believe we are going to see thing happen.

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Sounds totally implausible to me. 1. This isn't within the scope of Mueller's investigation. 2. Mueller and Comey are thick in the middle of all the corruption. I suppose they could both announce a press conference or something and tearfully repent of the drug/weapons/child sex slave/money laundering/treason that has been their professional lives for the past few decades. But it is hard to see how they could walk away with just a tearful apology. Anything short of that, means nobody goes down because they have the goods on each other. Maybe Trump could do a Presidential Pardon or something. But it's hard to see a plausible way for this to be swallowed by the American public.

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I believe MEGAanon is telling the truth and here is why:

Post #1 was yesterday at 9:30.

In this post he talks about the collusion between hrc and Russia.

Tonight, Hannity ends his show stating that hrc and the dnc should not rest well tonight as tomorrow, he will drop bombs. Oddly enough, M EGAanon mentions Hannity and how he's playing it up.

Shortly after his program, he tweeted this:


If you go to Sara A. Carter's Twitter, you'll find that she mentions she will be dropping a story about the dnc and Russia.


MEGAanon made all these claims a day in advance.

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Love the username lol

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I thought the same thing!

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