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Meeting Victims of Ritualistic Satanic Abuse - VICE

'Victims of satanic ritual abuse are primarily women, and they often suffer from dissociative identity disorder as a result. '

'The conversation would stall when my questions about satanic cults, ritualistic abuse, and sound triggers became too specific. '

'In fact, the only reason we are certain satanism still poses a danger is because it continues to produce victims of severe ritualistic abuse. '

'Over the next 45 minutes, I met approximately eight different "children."', "Claudia Fliss is a therapist and Germany's leading expert on the aftereffects of ritualistic abuse."

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GakrI6Hu90 Yes the host is extremely dramatic but thoroughly believable. He's also coming from a Conservative Christian mindset and that's his likely audience. However for our poster 007 who wanted to infiltrate a Satanic coven, please listen all the way through.

You'll be shocked at the high annual number of FBI admitted abductions. Vid explains how it's done in great detail, as well as the creation of snuff films.

Even more shocking you'll see at the very end of the vid what goes on at DUMB by government employees, and why so many of the participants/infiltrators end up committing suicide.