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Great Post @cantsleepawink

Corcam works hand in hand with CafCass, which is just like CPS here in the US.. During the Hampstead children's interviews thy repeatedly say CafCass was involved in their Satanic Ritual Abuse. They even explain CafCass is a social services agency that "is supposed to help children but they don't they hurt children" Of all the perpetrators involved in CafCass is mentioned the most frequent.

Of course it was then CafCass who took them into Protective custody against their mother who had brought them to the police in the first place after they disclosed what had happened.

The children were then taken to Tavistock for treatment who is actually behind the trauma mind control they were experiencing. The children have never been seen since.


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Yes! That is exactly what I got when I first started reading this. Which came first, but I guess it does not matter. Someone thought this was a great plan. This is beyond scary and frightening for the children. If the children have never been seen since, how many other children might be missing is the question. Clinton and Blair are behind this for sure. They are Satanists and have no problem using other people's children for their experiments. Think Dr. Green's (Mengele) work. I am wondering if this same operation is happening in the US somewhere, only we don't know about it yet. They are masters of deceit. Upvoat4U for your write up of a very informative work. We need more of these to wake up the masses. @cantsleepawink


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Dr. Green (Mengele) worked in the US...He was transferred to Argentina during WW11 ten up to the US where they continued the Nazi mind control experiments.

I have listed a document discussing Dr.Mengele and his experiments. They are hard to read even discussing his surgeries without anesthesia especially children.

He performed sex change operations eventhough he was not a medical surgeon or even doctor. He would perform these surgeries on children even by cutting off their genitals removing organs etc. He did this not because anyone wanted a sex change Operation these people were starving. He did it just to experiment out of his own evil heart.

He also licked children in cages, raped them, drugged them, injected them with deadly viruses. When he was finished with them he sent them to gas chambers or shot them in cold blood.

During Church hearings on the illegal human experiments by the CIA inside the US children who had survived testified before the Senate naming Dr.Green as a main perpetrator of these crimes.

Think about that it is nauseating. The Nurmeberg War Crimes trials against the NAZI collaborators occurred while the main perpetrators were said to be dead. Meanwhile factions of the US government had extricated them and not only brought them to safety but gave them new identities and placed them in the US and Canada to continue the experiments on children.