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Yes Alex is talking about the long time owner of Washington Post who just admitted being involved in voodoo which craft where he'd were placed on others that died. She was the D.C. Gatekeeper for these evil fucks who practice voodoo, Satanism, pedophelia, etc. with the worst being child sacrifice which they admitted to. Evil mother fucjers

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If I remember correctly her name came up on JA's FB friend list. His friend list is twisted if you research them.

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:) I like your posting, will you check out mine above? My commenting times are low I think but Id like to chat soon if ya want to? we could talk about Judea returning to Jeruselum after the Persian King Cyrus captured Babylon. Thats were alot of SRA practices began.' Cyrus' actual name was prophesied by God way before Cyrus destroyed it. Now you cant beat that bible news. hehe I really love history does it show? I cant remember it, but I love it..hehehehe... Im waving gently at you.

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@happyhappy was the above post directed at me regarding biblical history and prophecy and waving hello. If so yes I would love to chat on this topic:)

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Is this it?

Alex Jones is spilling everything out, vampires, blood-drinking, elite pedophiles, podesta, clinton and everything?

Fuck it felt good to watch that.. now we have something to spread.

I thought alex was a crook but now im guessig hes dead.

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don't say it.

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James Alef is connected to a pig farm. Could have been talking about either of them I guess.

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I am glad you brought that info up for newbies. It is important everyone know the background on these pervs.

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Everyone watch this!

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People still give that moron/shill Alex Jones credibility???

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Ops-we ought to have a rule-anyone posting Alex Jones has a warning-"DISINFORMATION SOURCE"

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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=VFz7AfxsVeA | https://www.hooktube.com/embed/VFz7AfxsVeA :

Breaking: Top Democrats Admit To Conducting Satanic Rituals / Murders - YouTube

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