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President Trump keeping his word that he would defund the criminals "However they make their money" as stated on the campaign trail. I think he was acutely aware how the Democrats were funded and operate and has been busting up their disgusting child trafficking racket as promised. Once he cuts off their funding and manipulation he's going after their fraudulent votes.

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It's a means of control utilized against politicians, judges, bankers, diplomats, law enforcement, business, media, at the highest levels of power of every political party, internationally. I haven't posted much here since figuring it out. By that I mean enough evidence was posted here to figure it out, along with the many historical cases covered up and gaslighted away in recent decades.

At a minimum, the major intelligence services use it as compromising information to keep the major players in line. Epstein ran a huge underage honey trap on his island. Trump appointed the prosecuter who covered it up to Secretary of Labor.

This is so massive and all-pervasive it will require a miracle to bring down even a significant part of it. We live on Planet Evil. Still trying to adjust to the realization.

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You nailed it. Both political parties are part of the Swamp, along with law enforcement, judges and the MSM. The corrupt process will never be be broken. Killery, Bill, the Clinton Foundation, etc (aka The Elite), are untouchable.

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I remember reading somewhere where if they don't have something to blackmail you with, you are not elected. Pedos are more prevalent in positions of power due to the blackmail aspect.

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So pedos are the easiest to blackmail?

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Sure. NOBODY likes pedos.

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Pedos are also psychologically driven by power and the desire to be/feel in total control.

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Excellent point. They also enjoy making others suffer. When you take that into account it explains the complete lack of remorse or conscience regarding their behaviour.

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Here in Seattle, our mayor has been accused of 5 child sex crimes

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And he stayed in office significantly longer than the Mayor that shared the opinion on social media that "Black Lies Matter promotes violence towards officers". Liberals are the real terrorists.

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Is his "husband" complicit ? What was he doing when the Mayor was diddling or was this before 2013 when they had the "gay royal wedding"? How is the "husband" director of Parks and Recreation and the (former) Mayor is his "husband"?

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This is on Drudge now!

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Don't forget about Racine, Wisconsin.

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S.C. Johnson?

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Member for 2 days and this is your only comment? Are you fishing?

Many officials are involved, including mayors and other prominent community leaders. Johnsons and others control them all, and they are closely linked with the Rothschilds and Rockefellers through Pilgrims Society, Committee of 300, Council of 13 and other connected groups. Racine is a main global headquarters for trafficking and abuse with a fully controlled harbor, interstate, and international airport.

Since we have been exposing those who are involved, including officials, community leaders and fake groups pretending to investigate it, they are working frantically to cover it all up with resignations, retirements, position changes, and winding down the exposed groups including Machinery Row, Social Justice League of Racine, Fight to End Exploitation, I-94 Project, Racine Coalition Against Human Trafficking, and many others before the world takes notice of what is going on in Racine, Wisconsin.

Racine is the "Root" and model to the entire system and the real Agenda, and is connected to every major global hub involved.

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I'd like to know if Murray was a Mason/Shriner/Jester. Murray got his degree at Tulane, I read. Tulane, home of the CIA.

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Culinary Institute of America?

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Good lord this is just appalling.

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Elites like the mayor of Randolph, Nebraska (pop 944, per capita income $19k) and Clayton, NY (pop 5k, per capita income $16k) were surely in on this together. The mayors of Rockdale and Winston were of similar levels of power and influence. Finally some progress against this worldwide cabal.

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Hmm, Incidence of sexual assault cases are around 1 in 1000 people year over year. Incidence of child sexual assault cases are around 1 in 4000 people year over year. Given there are approximately 19,200 mayors in the USA and this covers about 1.75 years of incidents, 11 isn't a surprisingly high number

(19,200 mayors / 4000 csa incidence = 4.8 likely cases per year * 1.75 years = 8 to 9 cases expected for the mayoral population in this time frame)

Given the demographics of mayoral candidates versus the general population (predominantly older males) and the increased likelihood of those in positions of power/authority/trust to commit sexual assault (well documented), the number seems to be what one would expect. Possibly even a bit low.