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Thank you for posting this. It is so very informative. We have had quite a few posts on Secret Societies and all I can say we never have too many. We need to keep hammering it down that they are what is behind it all. Upvoat4U


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Out of all the linkies to various NPO's (most of which seem to be listed as non-profit charities) the ones relating to Vice-President of the United States, Mike Pence seemed interesting.Let's start with the Baseball Stadium Fund, Inc; supposedly a non-profit to furnish little league teams with equipment. Their non-profit status was revoked due to not filing proper paperwork for three years in a row. The building listed as the address for the non-profit charity has been put up for sale; 6 bedroom party house (hey, it's got a wetbar) and it's within easy access to Lake Michigan. And literally, a stone's throw from the state border. Keeping on with Pence, we find he's a board member of the Indiana Lion's Eye Bank, which deals with the transplantation of corneas and whatnot. Summed up as this:

Nothing says "non-profit" quite like taking 5 mil a year, and having 10 mil in assets.

It also lists Jay Rockefeller, and Nick Rahall. As fascinating as it all happens to be (at least to me) is that while clicking through, many of these listed politicians are associated with various fraternities, such as: Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the USA, and Ancient Free & Accepted Masons. Sometimes, a single politician has many fingers in as many fraternaties. These are the Societies that we know are behind the Criminal Corruption that many in our govt. are part of. The most important part of this report is Mike Pence, because he is next in line to become President. Pretty scary isn't it?