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Don't be surprised if they either stack a jury with mason's and female cult members or let a Freemason judge find him not guilty. They do it every day.

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Democrats love to not guilty and never resign. They have no shame.

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Don't believe the hype. All of that two-party Democrats vs Republicans is bs. There are just as many Republican pedophiles as there are Democrat; this spans across both sides of the aisle. This guy seems to have the same cocky mindset as the Seattle [now former] mayor, and the citizens of Randolph allow it. People have become so complacent, it's sickening.

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It is very rare when any person charged with a crime, admits to guilt. They always claim they are "not guilty". Remember the mayor of Seattle, who just resigned. He too claimed he was not guilty. Although he has not been charged with anything, he has been shamed and it has been on tv. I actually saw this on my tv this morning and the accuser spoke. Amazing. Let's hope this guy gets "the works".

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What amazes me the most is that the citizens just allow it. Where are the protests for this? The riots? People are so quick to blow up over perceived injustices, yet this guy is facing 5 felony counts & nobody bats an eyelash. So sad how so many people won't actually DO anything to protect our kids.

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Just tell them that Starbucks will keep your kids from buying a Pumpkin Spice Latte and they will be out in the streets. Go figure. The public has been turned into MORONS.

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True evil is claiming we are good yet doing nothing in the face of evil. PG is proving to us that people who do bad things are at least being who they are.

Real evil is doing nothing. I've learned a lot about human apathy and that being the real wickedness.

Not to get all Jesus on y'all. But he did say "if you are neither hot nor cold I will spit you out of my mouth. Walking the middle and saying it's not my business is the real evil and hypocrisy.

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How close is this location to the Franklin scandal locations, like Boy's town? Any relation between this pedo and that ring?

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I wondered that too, but so far I haven't seen a relation.

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Just found that he owns a 'livestock hauling'/trucking company called Bo Bo's Express. Thought that may be worth mentioning https://www.farmranch.org/company-bo-bos-express-in-randolph-ne-13185

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Holy shit.

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Amazing--they all seem to have the same m.o.

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From the article:

The mayor of Randolph, Nebraska is planning to plead not guilty after being accused of five felony counts of sexual abuse and child abuse.

Sixty-one-year-old Dwayne Schutt and his attorney denied to comment to our crews at the Cedar County Courthouse this afternoon but said off camera they will be pleading not guilty come September 25th at the arraignment hearing.

The victim also declined to comment but her grandmother says they hope justice is served despite the "not guilty" plea.

"Well of course he will plead not guilty. We expected that but I'm sure that he is guilty. We are here to support our granddaughter as we were the last time. We love her and she is smart, beautiful, intelligent, and I'm sure she will get through this," says Darlene Bowers, victim's grandmother.

The arraignment hearing is scheduled for September 25 at 9 a.m. at the Cedar County Courthouse.

According to http://www.siouxlandproud.com/news/local-news/accused-pedophile-still-overseeing-city-of-randolph/805896960 he is out on bond and still overseeing the city.

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These monsters are all alike. They'll use the, "The kid made me do it," defense and the jury that's selected on the basis of being alt-left will let them walk.