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Thank you for this post. Hope it's allowed to stay up. Most times, any posts about abortion and Planned Parenthoods's nepharious deeds are taken down by mods. Pizzagate related because human beings are being used by others for profit. It's time people realize women who are in crisis pregnancies are often manipulated into having abortions, offering their babies for "science". Instead of being given hopeful alternatives, material support or guidance to keep their babies, Planned Parenthood makes BIG BUCKS off abortions $ 300-500/ per abortion. Plus, Planned Parenthood gets all our tax support. Think of the elite politicians making money off of this. Cecile Richards, president PP makes $859,000 year salary. They do not perform ultrasounds, or mammograms. They have lied about that repeatedly. They are all for making money off a women's painful, difficult situation.
Look how hard the media tried to silence the David Delaiden videos. Most people think he was found guilty of falsifying them. He was brought to court. But, he was foind not guilty. . Media did nothing to clear his name. . The fake media ELITISTS want that story SHUT DOWN. Politicians on BOTH sides of the aisle filling their pockets with kickbacks from Planned Parenthood.
And your post proves how evil they are. Supporting a Satanic church. Most people should be red pilled by this.

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Here is another site saying much of the same thing...only a little more. http://www.theblaze.com/contributions/will-planned-parenthood-side-with-the-satanists/ The Satanists are even offering A Satanic Child Workbook for Contributors. How Nice and Cozy.

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This is just another attempt to normalize Pizzagate behaviors.

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I agree. Besides I believe the Satanic Group is wanting exposure as well.. Please see this post...we need upvoats https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2125971 Secret Society in St. Louis

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Last time I checked this forum had no affiliation with any group or entity for or against abortion. Or any group or entity for or against satanism, or any other religious organization for that matter. This is a forum to discuss sourced facts concerning pizzagate.

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Look up David Delaiden videos of abortionists joking of saving a baby's calvernum ( cranium and brains) during an abortion procedure so she can but a Lamborghini. If that's not a human sacrifice, nothing else is.

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So, you're saying that abortion is a "religious" issue? Abortion is only something Catholic theologians should talk about? Abortion is a theological issue and discussion of it should be confined to Catholics? Talking about abortion on a public forum is akin to having an esoteric discussion of the consubtantiality of the Three Divine Persons in the Holy Trinity?

If you don't believe abortion is child abuse, that's your prerogative, but what do you have to say about the well-documented connection between abortion and the trafficking of fetal body parts? Does that concern you at all?

What is the difference between a 39-week old "fetus" being terminated by partial-birth abortion and its organs being harvested and the same infant being delivered and then subjected to the same treatment?

Is the former "a Catholic issue", while the latter is infanticide?

It may not trouble you, but there is indeed an intrinsic connection between the mindset that unborn human life is cheap and expendable and the mindset that infants and children outside the womb are also cheap and expendable.

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No, that's not what I said at all. Let me break it down for you. Abortion is not pizza gate related. Religion is not pizza gate related. Therefore your topic is unrelated. I said nothing about one being responsible for the other. I didn't say anything about catholics. I'm also not going to bother answering any of your off topic questions.

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A lot of those planned parenthood babies arrive to locations alive to be sacrificed to Satan.

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I know just didn't want to shove that red pill down newbies' throats. I think that's what happens to late term abortion. I read some callous SOB nurse say that late term babies come out crying for their mamas. This is what keeps me going forward every day in this arena.