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*my apologies if this has been posted, no results under v/pizzagate search

from the thread: Very odd halfway house / moving company. None of their trucks have a DOT number, but according to the internet they've moved people across the nation and have warehouses across the USA.

They use cult tactics to recruit new members:

The first few months of Delancey Street are considered the “immigration” phase. Upon acceptance, men will have their hair trimmed to short length and become clean-shaven, and the women are asked to remove all makeup. Clothing is provided and the first focus is to turn around street and/or gang images and develop new self-concepts. These first few weeks are spent in maintenance jobs such as cleaning the facilities and serving meals. Residents are allowed to write immediate family after 30 days, and make a call after 90 days; however, they are generally encouraged to spend their time and energy in “immigration” getting to know those around them, and becoming involved in their new environment. Following that, letters, phone calls and visits are earned along with responsibilities and rewards.


They have multiple large properties around the nation.

San Francisco - https://archive.is/UZ26U

Los Angeles - https://archive.is/W5m8i

San Juan Pueblo, New Mexico (on an indian rez) - https://archive.is/bZmmm

Greensboro, North Carolina (no warehouse just a house) - https://archive.is/AhiGF

Brewster , New York (1 hour from NYC) - https://archive.is/fRhkM


Look at their list of benefactors. Some names sound familiar. archive.is/edabn

For our 25th anniversary we invited a select group of friends to celebrate Delancey’s quarter of a century of struggles and successes, and simultaneously expand Delancey CIRCLE. Our National Board of Governors consists of:

Former Secretary of State George Shultz

Co-founder of the Farm Workers Union Dolores Huerta

Senator Dianne Feinstein

(Former CEO Gap, Inc.) Current J Crew CEO Mickey Drexler

Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Weizel

Federal Judge Thelton Henderson

Former Parade Magazine Publisher Walter Anderson

Former Bank of America CEO Richard Rosenberg

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Compounds from DOT numbers:
They also have a linked feed and grain store that is a former address in the middle of nowhere but I lost it. 

Trucks: 35
Tractors: 14
Trailers: 18

#419465 - archive.is/nnk4H
Number of Trucks    :   5 
Number of Tractors  :   3 
Number of Trailers  :   4 
This compound weirds me out, large motorpoo here. Very built up, very remote, on an indian reservation. 

#289919 - archive.is/MzsB4
This is their main motorpool. 
Number of Trucks    :   27 
Number of Tractors  :   9 
Number of Trailers  :   12 
No discription, check it out. 

#651086 - archive.is/Bxomq
GREENSBORO, NC   27401  
Number of Trucks    :   3 
Number of Tractors  :   2 
Number of Trailers  :   2 
This goes back to their NC house. I don't know if this is just their dispatch, and they have a compound nearby or not.

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Here is some further info for you.

Delancey Street
Public facing information:

City: San Francisco, California. 
Address: 600 Embarcadero San Francisco, CA 94107
415-512-5104 (Tel)
415-512-5141 (Fax)
No motorpool. 
One city block large compound, near the water. 370,000 square foot complex. Housing for 500.

City: Los Angeles, California
Address: 400 N. Vermont Ave. 
Los Angeles, CA 90004
323-644-4122 (Tel)
323-644-4147 (Fax)
Parking under the building, several multipassenger vans in their front lot. There's a big rig in their google maps image, they're able to load and unload from a dock in the front. 
Maybe someone local can hang out at the denny's while doing work. 
literally next to an onramp for Hollywood freeway / 101. 
Former hotel, 200 rooms, 300 occupants. 
50,000 square foot warehouse nearby. 

Location: New Mexico 
P.O. Box 1240
San Juan Pueblo, NM 87566
505-852-4291 x304 (Tel)
505-852-4292 (Fax)
This location exists, but not at this location. 
17 acre ranch, in the middle of an indian reservation, in side a larger reservation. 
38,000 square foot warehouse. 

Location: North Carolina
811 N. Elm Street 
Greensboro, NC 27401
336-379-8477 (Tel)
336-379-9449 (Fax)
Small house, only 30 residents. Seems to possibly be the leaders? It's a nice place. 
Might be able to accept a big rig, but very tight. 3 bloocks from an interstate. Nice central location, but small.

Location: New York
Address: 100 Turk Hill Road
Brewster, New York 10509
845-278-6181 x205 (Tel)
845-278-2326 (Fax)
Address isn't the giant castle, it's a no shit castle on 50 acres, 1 hour north of NYC. Huge.
Definitely built for trucks, with turn arounds, turn off. Weird that the addresses don't add up. 
Location: North Charleston, SC
Address: 2510 N Hobson Ave, North Charleston, SC 29405
Literally a block away from a port. Probably not truck access. 
Complex of three homes, sister company. southcarolinastrong.org/
Quarters Y
24,000 square feet in historic officer quarters district at the Navy Yard. Connected to Quarters Z with garage and storage space. 

Quarter Z
Sister to Y, connected. 

Quarters C
2 story, 4,160 square foot house. Close by, but not connected. 

4800 Park Circle, North Charleston, SC 29405
On right at the North Rhett entrance to circle
(843) 554-5179

Location: Stockbrige, MA
Address:  UNKNOWN
Former Norman Rockwell house. No listed address. 
Overlooks the Housatonic River. Hosted the 2007 Norman Rockwell Museum Board of Trustees meeting at the house, "An Evening with Norman Rockwell", catered by Delancey Street

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Same Anon who posted the pic from the business training center LN.

The place with all the big rigs is on Delancet street, west of 3rd in SF.

Noticed other strange things about the place. Electrified barbed wite pointing inwards, strange large steel basement doors in concrete that seemed to have been paved over, with the newer concrete crumbling away. away

how/where should I post this content. I recorded a few vids and took pics of the whole fleet, which includes over 20 bigrigs and many other vans, cars, etc.

Every single window is blocked, even small ones.

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/user/SFDenton Get DOT numbers of the trucks, and if you spot any containers, try to get the container numbers.

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wasnt able to get dot numbers. here are some images. will follow up with video later after I remove audio. https://imgur.com/a/sO5dN

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Closeup numbers, hope this helps.


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You're a good man, anon. I'd be very interested to see those images, but I defer to more knowledgeable researchers on how to best share the media.

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will post before the end of day.

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also. that place is on Carrol Street and 3rd street in SF. it's not the location they list on the website. streetview/satmap it

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I'm surprised that no one has commented on that logo yet. here's a link to it on a warehouse as well as several trucks

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Where did the picture of naked bill in a hotel come from?! Lol

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So the pic is a spoof? You could have fooled me with that nose. That nose cannot lie. Wow.

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Here's a proper link to her site for anyone interested: http://www.alison-jackson.co.uk

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Closeup Numbers. Hope this helps.


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The moving company wouldn't be named "U2 movers or moving?" Would it?

The pic of Bill and Pamela was circulated during the election is it real?

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not real. see @icuntstopswearing's post above

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no, it's Delancey Street. why do you ask? what's the deal with U2?

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I knew movers were involved for a bit, it was mentioned by Kevin Flynn awhile ago in his videos. He used the simpsons photo "U2 movers" to describe them, so I thought maybe it was possibly also the real name.