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Pathetic. She is not only saying they have not time, she is saying they will never find time for it. Then shes says we have rapes of 3 yo's to worry about. But are people getting convicted of raping 3 yo's so often in that city? Souds preposterous.

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Small correction, she said they even have rapes of 3yos that they don't have the resources to deal with.

She was saying the situation was even worse than the journalist thought.

The police in Sweden are on the brink of mutiny, so this isn't surprising. Their bosses are all child raping freemasons, and are actively preventing any investigations.

Dan Eliasson is suspected of having become the police chief through blackmailing politicians. It's all very shady.

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She was saying the situation was even worse than the journalist thought.


What people on the outside don't realize is, some city districts have descended so far into lawlessness that the police don't have the resources to go in there and enforce the law.

Some of these areas are so violent that police can only go in there in teams, and they often don't have enough officers available.

Also, these areas have become so violent, that the only way police could possibly enforce the law would be to start using clubs and even guns, which would get them in trouble unless there's undisputable evidence of their lives being in danger. And even then, the courts just let them out again until their trial, so now they've got a violent offender back in the nehborhood who wants to get back at them.

Many cops are just throwing up their hands and quitting. which is why the manpower shortage is so bad.


You're looking at what happens to a society when the SJW loonies run the asylum.

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Sweden is a disgusting country

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No it is not. The people running it are disgusting. The rest of the people are just like here. They are asleep and people have been let in that are causing the problems and allowed to get away with it, just like here. That was the purpose of the EU. Open Borders. Create desperate situations with war and then allow them to flow in. Thus creating more pedophiles. Tada!

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You can say that about any country based on its elite.

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No it's real, Sweden is falling apart from the mass Islamization of the country. They thought these 3rd world people would act like swedes as soon as they stepped foot on Swedish soil.

Unfortunately people are finding out it doesn't work that way. Now it's so far gone the govt can't admit what's actually happening for fear of losing the big lie.

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Is this real?

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Yes I'm afraid it is, Joakim Lamotte is a freelance writer who is one of the few who dares to speak and investigate the truth, but MSM isn't reporting any of this.