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Napolitano is a pathetic gatekeeper. I really hate that piece of shit. He acts like the government is becoming corrupt but the system works if you have evidence. Kept saying he thought Hillary would be locked up. I already knew that the entire system was subverted and it was taken over by cult members at all meaningful high level positions of state apparatus. But supposedly, the Judge does not know this and makes prognostications not taking into consideration that evidence is a moot point. It is an iligitimate state. That seems to be Napolitano's job, to act as if the system is corrupt, but still a working system. The fact that he works for the MSM says it all. All those they hire play a role for them. Napolitano is a gatekeeper. Fuck him, he retards peoples understanding that they shouldn't vote, pay their taxes or obey. He acts as if voting for key people can change everything, hiding the fact that the cabal controls the available candidates allowed on the ballot. He is worse than the sheeple and one of the elite. A Bernie Sanders phony people champion. Again, fuck Napolitano.

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"I already knew that the entire system was subverted and it was taken over by cult members at all meaningful high level positions of state apparatus."


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He is being rather disingenuous. The battle now - should - be the drainers of the swamp vs. the established cabal - both Democrats and Republicans. Much of the pushback is from Trump's own party - Sessions, McCain etc.

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Fuck you, judge Nap is one of the good guys. Got fired from Fox for endorsing Ron Paul.

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"because we don’t want our successors to come after us"

Wouldn't the potential for our successors coming after us be obviated by, you know...following the laws?

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The US system is based on redefining what the laws are.

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Well to be fair to Sessions, the Clintons do have an impressive kill list. On the otherhand the people want this kindve shit exterminated from government, permanently like years ago. So that is unacceptable.

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In the end its all the same. Democrats & Republicans are two sides of exactly the same coin. They only truly disagree of relatively trivial issues. Their most "major differences" are illusory, they both want bigger government, they both want more taxing, more spending and more control. The purpose of their existence is to create the impression that people appear to have a choice and to make it appear as though we have some semblance of a Democracy. The need the appearance of Democracy in order to maintain the appearance of legitimacy. Of course they have no interest in going after their predecessors - why spoil it for the future.

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It's the UniParty.

Sundance over at conservativetreehouse has been claiming that this DACA repeal would be the start of what he calls the "Big Ugly," or, the event when the political establishment finally rip off their masks and show their true colors to the country. Sounds like that's happening.

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If the present government of the enemy country were to go after its predecessors, this would restore its legitimacy, and there would be no cognizable reason for its successors to go after it without looking like the petty, vicious, vindictive, selfish tyrants they are.