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Good article, thanks OP.

"Let’s just say it out loud… The most powerful people in our country are either outright occultists, are comfortable with witchcraft and Satanism, or are moving and shaking among those who are."

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Sally Quinn is Hillary's "old friend." https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/16943

I can't help but feel like this article is coming straight from Steve Bannon. I think I'll start keeping a closer eye on Breitbart!

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At the very least, she scared herself so badly when her third curse hit its mark—prompting a panic that her previous hexes had been karmically responsible for her son’s illness—that she vowed never to dabble in the dark arts again.

I love it when people think they can just get off the crazy train at will, especially after making up their own rules the entire time they're riding it.

Whether or not you believe that stuff is possible, the fact that the elites believe in it and actively seek it out is incredibly disturbing.

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I hope she has fun burning in hell with the rest of the D.C. Occultists

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I can't imagine why a few decades of excess on earth would ever be worth an eternity in Hell.

(Yes I know, edgelord atheists of Voat, it's all bullshit and we just end when we die. Whatever. Occult practioners aren't like Wiccans; they believe in Satan and believe that at least some of what they do comes from him. Literally opting for damnation. Makes no sense in context.)

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Yeah, the ties to the occult are crazy... it is mind-boggling that people either ignore this, or are unable to process it.

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Sheeple are called sheeple for a reason. I detest sheeple nearly as much as the elite.

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They are sheeple because the Jew has them in the Matrix. They have not ever been allowed to learn the truth because all the truth is surrounded by mocking Jew Media. And the Jew has long learned that the human species hates mockery above everything. It is the basis for Rules for Radicals. Which the Jew dedicated to Satan at the start of the book.

Their most powerful tool is the media. The media is what allows them to hide everything in plain site. We must destroy the media from the top to the bottom.

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Great article, thanks for sharing.

Crazy! And this is just the tip of the iceberg. They are psychotic and using this shit against the entire world. A few years ago when I first read that 9/11 was an occult/satanic ritual I almost laughed. But this is not a joke.

Spiritual warfare confirmed. I pray that people will wake the fuck up, and that these crazy people will be exposed.

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Does anyone know what the number


means after 'Turkey' ?

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Hmm. Curious! I can't find anything on it.

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                                    "Turkey 191719"

Sally Quinn wrote: " I was watching AND SHOUTED THE SAME THING ". ??

Don't mean to sound like a broken record but all I

can surmise that it is witchcraft related. But that is just a guess.

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Wow. It's very big that Breitbart has finally dipped its toe into these waters. This subject has been taboo in the media, including the conservative media. I hope that Bannon returned to Breitbart to expose these psychopaths and help bring them to justice.

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Likely the Jew will move against them in totality now. Hopefully this will lead to actual armed revolution. We need a major blood letting.

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Wow Nolte is a fairly big writer and he almost went full PG with the "its not about consenting adults."

Lets not forget the media spent about 2 hrs total on the removal of the leader of south korea for similar stuff.

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The fact that this was specifically Voodoo is extremely important.

Clintons are into Voodoo. The ritual abuse ring we are seeing the outline of here is NOT explained only with the idea of "Satanism" or only inverted Christianity. They get inspiration from many primitive religions including ^ Voodoo, South African cannibalism practice, Aztec rituals, South American Shamanism which also uses psychedelics, and many many others. South Korean Shamanism (8 goddess scandal) also involved accusations of ritual abuse combined with direct ties to intelligence agencies.

This is not only an inversion of Christianity or a growth from Abrahamic religion at all. We are looking at a 'religion' that is its own category entirely, and is focused on death, birth (eating fetuses, killing pregnant women) and shamanistic ritual practice as WELL as abusing children in more conventional ways. And inextricably tied to military intelligence (The Finders incorporated ritual abuse AND MKULTRA type techniques plus child porn/trafficking,was tied to the CIA.)

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Process Church of the Final Judgment

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