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There's an interview with this woman here:


In the interview she specifically says she tried to give the evidence to the police, but they refused to investigate.

She also says that after she spoke to the police, and to a reporter who said he was interested, but never reported on the information, she got hacked and lost a large amount of her computer files.


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You delete the thread and should resubmit at about 4pm est

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Ramble, ramble, ramble... Get to the point, please.

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They do ramble on in that interview, but a lot of good information. Unfortunately, they don't get to the good stuff until about 26:00 minutes into the interview

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Whoa. Wait. What? Did you guys see the video of the "computers and routers"? It's a single cable, and a device laying on the ground that looks like a fucking roomba.

Sorry, where is the smoking gun here? I'm confused.

Also, if it was locked down like Fort Knox, how are her kids skateboarding and doing kickflips near the hardware?

What am I missing?

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Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! I am suffering pain from getting my tooth pulled, but even that can't stop me from laughing. Amazing.

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https://tweetsave.com/thomas1774paine/status/907766809591459842 :

Thomas Paine on Twitter: "BREAKING- Photo, Video Evidence Surface of Imran Awan’s Clandestine Computer Set Up @ Virginia Tenant’s Home (Video) t.co/DVADPHAmU4"

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Jason Goodman is hosting the video so I turned it off. He is a Hollywood flunky that runs disinfo with old Mossad George Sweigert. Why would we let spooks and their cohorts run these citizen investigations? This entire thing is a show. Nobody will be punished save possibly a ficticous villian. I am tunning this storyline out. The Muslim brother boogeymen!

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She just got done saying the cops and FBI aren't interested, so what good is giving the evidence to us? We can't make arrest or indcitments. Some of us have enough of a memory that we understand the FBI and police coverup instead of investigate and arrest. So why do any of you get excited like something is going to happen? Amazes me. Arrest and convictions are not a possibility. This is an iligitimate state, not a legit government with some bad apples. The difference between the two things is all the difference in the world. Still have a bank account? Thought so. Let me know when you guys get serious.

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We need to collect everything and organize it and spread it around. When everyone knows how corrupt the justice system is people will protest/revolt.

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Read the title. Almost didn't believe it. FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!

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