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I live in Seattle and was an active Democrat for a while and I have never been given a direct answer as to whether or not Fred Podesta is related to the others. I've asked several times since the email leaks and the people that must know have rolled their eyes and refused to answer yes or no directly "why would that matter?" "Who cares?" "I don't know, it wouldn't matter even if he was" - I want to know if, and if so, in what way. It mattered to me as a member (@ the time) of that party being destroyed by John Podesta & pals...

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Not surprising they put pedos in charge given what we've learned about Seattle...like SF sort of an incubator for avant garde depraved social experiments etc...because it's been a jewish colony since day one: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2118439

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Figure out:

  1. If the mayor pissed anyone off recently, prompting release of the blackmail material

  2. Who else he is accused of abusing (locations, families, associates)

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And he was actually fighting the charges?

These people are monsters. I don't care how many movies they make normalizing this behavior, these people are sick in the head and belong in prison.

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If this "behind the barn" shit was between parties of a similar size and age and was not abusive and coercive it might be more like what these movie makers imagine. But I have never heard of a case that did not involve considerable screaming and bleeding and at least an eighty lb size difference.

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Exactly. The thing is that the youngster is almost always the stooge, even when convinced otherwise. The older, wise POS has done this so many times that it's serial molestation. Quite often the youngster walks away thinking it was their fault. Just ridiculous.

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Agreed! PURE SCUM!!

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The 5th?!?! Thank God, finally they did something. Pretty soon we would have lost count.

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Oh noes not his own cousin

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Was Murray a child himself when he was being the abuser? I'M NOT SAYING THAT TO DEFEND ANYTHING, I just think it's important to know either way.

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ok, I found this in another article: "Dyer reportedly said the incidents occurred when he was 13, while Murray, who was then in his early 20s, shared a bedroom with Dyer in his mother’s Long Island home."

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