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https://voat.co/v/Conspiracy/2119611 from the previous post in /v/Conspiracy leads me here for your help. I don't think this violates community guidelines due to this being Clinton Foundation, child sex trafficking related. It's the same foot print from Haiti. Any Guatemalan references in the Podesta emails? Project Irma? Bagby? Like anything Clinton described, I dug down two feet, and it starts to reek.

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This could be nothing (and it seems awfully crazy to be frank), but look into Gary Lee Munroe Barney. We came across this guy 7 months ago thinking he was affiliated with the World Corp videos that were released, but I don't believe a solid connection was ever established.

However, if you delve down the path of looking into this guy, shit gets weird. He talks about children from Guatemala being "microchipped" and sent to different countries to spy. He talks nonstop about Guatemala, child abuse/rape/microchipping.

Here's a link to the voat thread on it from 7 months ago: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1646770

Following this path leads to shit like electronic mind control, discussing how the Mormons are building a data center in Utah and how they are behind all of this or apart of it....idk man, its wild, but this is all i can give you

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Basic rule of law enforcement: If something is raising red flags to you, you are NEVER in the wrong to bring it up. If it ends up being wrong, then it was simply a false alarm or dead end line (this happens a lot in legit investigations so don't fret). If right, then something good came from it.

Even a wrong theory could end up producing something good as a positive side effect. Antibiotics were discovered through a botched experiment.

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mormons are the original sex traffickers in the usa... they started doing it in the eighteenhundreds and never stopped. Fringe mormon groups CONTINUE to be prosecuted for trafficking UNWILLING women and children for marriages from other countries like canada and mexico. These fringe groups arent' as separate from maintstream mormons as outsiders are lead to believe. Some groups even claim to be "in on" the narrative and sanctioned by the mainstream mormon church in secret.

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Wow, this Gary Lee Munroe Barney is a creep. PhD!? Ha! The guy got it from Tibetian School of Medicine based in the states. A TSoM Ph.D. has as much pull as his Ministry certificate from Universal Life Church.

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I'm gonna look too Any link to the foundation

And yes those countries in so America are sad I won't even go there I guess

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Here is an older thread on Guatemala: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1941884

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This is amazing. Thank you

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You must have found a good one if one of the main shills is trying to discredit you (that means the lead is true).

Rwesure's agenda is that he cares nothing for the well being of kids and the fates of those who suffer from human trafficking. He only cares about defending leftist elites (ESPECIALLY his ever so precious Hillary Clinton) and pedophiles.

He also has 3 accounts, therefore he is an inherently dishonest user. Especially true since he always dodges the question lf why he has the need to have 3+ accounts. If he were truly honest, then he would delete all but ONE of his accounts.

@DeathTooMasons @sunajAeon wanna have fun and grill the shill?

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Hi @VetGoat84. Welcome to v/pizzagate. Thank you for posting in accord with out submission rules.👍

I am giving this a "Potential Lead" flair to attract eyeballs. Hopefully, folks will check out the v/conspiracy link as well as the link you shared, which doesn't include anything about the CF.

If you feel like reposting this as a Discuss post that will allow you to include eveything discovered so far in the body text of the post so it doesn't get buried in comments, and edit in anything new people discover, you can delete it and ping me by typing @Vindicator and I will give the repost the same flare.

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Thank you. I've been lurking here since the Podesta emails dropped, and on Voat as a whole probably since pao or spez did something shitty. I'm going to try not to fuck up and be faster to respond. I don't think I want to resubmit my slop because of @murica_fk_yeah consolidated everything Guatemala related with this. If anyone else would like to re-post in a better format, be my guest. I'll delete and try to put out a better outline of questions.

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Something I found was this Tom Bagby guy exists, https://imgoat.com/uploads/7177163c83/43212.PNG and he was part of this WPPI 2009 group that partied together in Vegas early 2009. Then they form this Flickr group... https://www.flickr.com/groups/elite_child_photography_group/ at the same time. @merica_fk_yeah you think any of these kids came from mljadoptions?

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Thus far cannot find tom ...

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Why is this a potential lead? The Article contains absolutely nothing about the Clinton Foundation. Why is this not possilble disinfo?

@VetGoat84 the article says nothing about the Clinton Foundation. What the basis for your claim?

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Read the rest of his links. Clinton Foundation is involved in a Project Irma in Guatemala as the OP says. Click the link to the original v/conspiracy post in his comment.

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If there is sex trafficking going on ANYWHERE, you can bet your sweet bippiy she is linked to it.

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Look out for peurto rico.

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It will be ripe for the picking. Child Trafficking Central. Organ Harvesting Galore. My friend has relatives there and it is not pretty. I am waiting to hear if she got in touch yet.

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Silsby's fake lawyer was tied to this.

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That man is a convicted pedo himself isn't he? Also he would never talk he knows she would kill him

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Even if they got as far as jailing him she could still get to him. Look what happened to Monica P.

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http://harvardhrj.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/King.pdf Even with a mountain of evidence, the justice system just lets this go on. This more than anything makes people want to take the law into their own hands. Edwin Coq was her original lawyer before fired. I bet he would have good info on what really went down in Haiti. Jorge Puello Torres is an interesting guy. I can only find one reference to Guatemala on his rap sheet. This guy may have actually commented at the bottom of this article. his phone number is NOT his or at least anymore. http://theawarenesscenter.blogspot.com/2010/02/case-of-jorge-torres-orellana.html or https://www.ice.gov/news/releases/fugitive-who-posed-lawyer-following-haitian-earthquake-sentenced-3-years-federal

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At this point I question myself on our efforts. 😔

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Why doesn't she put that in her book along with with pizza related emails!!! Why doesn't Hillary amuse us with the notion that a child murdering Pedophile might have been Secretary of the State! How do you like them apples Hillary?!

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