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2.3hours in, 20 upvoats later, still no bites.

I suggest you doing your part and keep this bumped for a few more hours, or at least until the evening just to give someone a chance to step up to the plate. I don't have the abilities to do what I'm requesting, or I'd do it myself. Really... not knowing where to start is the issue.

I think that the Virginia missing kids website is a huge redpill for family and friends. It doesn't accuse any one person of anything. It merely points out a very obvious problem. At minimum, why is the per capita rate of missing kids so high, and why are so many pictures missing? These aren't new questions to those of us that have been around for the past 9-10 months, but for newcomers, we could use some new eyes on this. Someone, somewhere, MUST know these kids. Who are they? Why does Virginia have more reported cases of missing children than Texas, when Virginia has 8.4 million, compared to Texas' 27.8 million people?

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I know one thing for sure. I'm never taking my kids to Virginia.

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Was talking to a friend in New Zealand and he said he watched a program there the other day saying Washington DC missing/abducted children is so high that the advice from Law Enforcement is 'keep your children inside, don't let them play out'! he asked what the heck is going on there in Washington DC?????? @saryzie @quantokitty @privatepizza @LA_Trump @4InquiringMinds - people are beginning to ask questions

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Good detective work . Kudos.

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This is an old post. Almost word for word. Just pointing out odd voat behavior for any among us who still care or for those who don't know voat is completely taken over

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I very specifically pointed out that this isn't new evidence. Didn't claim it to be. Read the post. We need new eyes on it every now and then because this is still a big lead. I've been here since about November 1st, this isn't "unusual" behavior. Good evidence needs to be repeaded often so that new eyes are on it. Some people like me can't spend all hours on voat, so if someone doesn't bring up old stuff again, there's a chance I'll never see it. Also, for you to say it's word for word.... Show me! I literally thought of this, in my own head, in a 10 minute time period while at work, and needed it written down before I got busy with other stuff. Don't come in here making claims as if every repost is "unusual". That's a terrible way to keep people informed.

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(Though apologies if you were op and just want it up here again bc it got nothing last time.)