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my guys says we will be in for a big disappointment because the whole truth is never going to come out. i wish and hope i am wrong.

[–] GumShoe [S] 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

Maybe so. But if the truth will be told, it will be told by Imran. He basically kidnapped his mother-in-law and was disowned by his father. He shows loyalty to NO ONE.....'cept maybe Allah.

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Been thinking that politicians are afraid of letting the truth be told because the public will hold everyone accountable for even just the complacency

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Bullshit. Two Muslim villians. Not buying any of this. Nothing will come of it and Seth Rich probably isn't even dead. This smells of psyop. You saw his family during the interview? Brother was trying not to bust out laughing. This is a show IMO. The why, I haven't bothered to work on.

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We have to force it to come out.

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Da me like meat and potatoes

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make blogging great

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Disturbing = Pizzagate

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Pizzagate is disturbing but can I ask you why The Uranium Agency was parked outside of Alefantis' pegasus museum? Or why he was in The White House at the same day as the sandy hook parents?

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Wonder what the bounty on their heads is up to.

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I honestly think you could run video of Clinton and Podesta hacking a child apart and eating it on The View, Anderson Cooper 360 and Morning Joke and no one would a) believe it or b) even care.

I predict Awan family is killed in a boating accident on the Potomac before the end of the month. At least one they can get at, to shut the rest up.

Kind of like Bolling's son...

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Let's hope against all odds that some thing will come of all this. As much as I want to see justice done for my own hurt and damaged feelings about all this dark ain't, I keep reminding myself about those kids that are still out there living this nightmare; and about how because of these sick fucks in control of the economy and governments regular everyday people are living dark burdensome depressing lives. I just keep hoping for the days ... like.. like the end of ROTK. Want to get back to those hobbit values and be able to smile about things without this sinister cynicism and skepticism hanging over every thing that happens out there. Hang in there everybody. At least when shit does hit the fan we'll all have know in advance and ride won't be as shocking.

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Debby look good in prison clothes make her appreciate male dick moar

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If it's immunity offer, with a current ankle bracelet nothing damaging is going to come of it. Otherwise he would be in protective custody and have a different lawyer.

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Let's face it, whatever info comes out the left won't be mad, they'll just laugh it off and defend her.