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Immediately, we are reminded of the Dutroux Case and its cover up.

Can't help but notice the comments on the site which echo one here ... "What kind of a world are we living in?"

The tone set from the top is murderous and suicidal and so is our economic system.

Our government is set upon creating more and more impoverished citizens and continuing to permit and cooperate in damage to Nature, Animal-life and human life.

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The world bankers setup events which create war and chaos. This produces war, profits, death, and easier to control populations, in addition it distracts the world from them.

I want the world to play everyone versus the bankers.

Today, in the USA, we are enslaved by the federal reserve in no small way. https://kek.gg/i/7q7n_n.png They steal well over a trillion a year from the citizens of the USA, they use their wealth and power to be the unseen oligarchy of the USA.

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If everyone would stop paying taxes to these clowns then you would get to play everyone vs. the bankers. They would have to come for it and there's not enough of THEM.

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I so very much agree with what you have said. We are fighting those that are killing our children, while we are killing them and ourselves by a slow death.

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That's an odd statement carmencita. I'm sorry to say. I thought Christianity was all about Hope and Good Faith.

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This aligns wth what SenateAnon said about Trump can't drain the swamp because they are holding the economy against him...

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The now still short-lived recovery that began in last part of Obama Administration isn't something that GOP is happy with and they want it stopped. They're trying to bankrupt the nation -- in something similar to that in Puerto Rico in government there creating huge and corrupt debt and then laying it on the people. This is becoming common practice under criminal government.

"Shock Doctrine - The Rise of Disaster Capitalism" by Naomi Klein .... as though Capitalism wasn't criminal enough!

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Related to Pizzagate because of likelihood it is related to ritual abuse practices which have previously been described in relation to the Dutroux case - (WARNING - LINK INCLUDES TRIGGERING AND NSWF MATERIAL) which has been posted about here on the Pizzagate sub previously.

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Maybe he broke the code of the 'Belgium Syndrome' and wasn't prepared to protect pedos any more.

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To begin with ....

Why would the Mayor of that town need to moonlight as the Cemetery Caretaker?

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I hate how this shit runs so fucking rampant, everywhere. We need an international task force on this shit but over time I'm sure that too would be infiltrated & corrupted from the inside out.

The return of the modern day vigilante is being hard-pressed upon us all.

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@kosherhivekicker asks a good question Why is this dude a cemetery caretaker?

I actually know people who work for The Daily Mail and they honestly print a lot of bullshit.

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I agree this is a good question. My first inference is this as a role he had prior to becoming mayor which carried into his time as mayor.

Imho I don't think this is of crucial significance here. If he was targeted to be silenced it wouldn't matter where he was murdered to these ppl. It's all a matter of convenience/opportunity when it comes to shit like this. What better place to murder someone than a quiet cemetery at lock up time when nobody else would be expected to be present?

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Another older, but great thread about Dutroux and its connection to other cases and the ICMEC, which has been looked at as part of Pizzagate.

Archive here.

Reads in part:

Previously, we have seen the deep ties between the ICMEC/NCMEC and the IT industry as well as the pharmaceutical industry. In part 3, we will explore the political connections of the power elite who are on the board of directors at the ICMEC. In particular, we’ll investigate the connections between the Dutroux Case and the ICMEC. History of the ICMEC

According to their webpage, the ICMEC was created in response to the public outcry surrounding the Dutroux Scandal. An estimated 300,000 Belgian citizens took to the streets to protest the crimes and the handling of the investigation. https://i.imgtc.com/ullTnzg.png https://i.imgtc.com/zSrcLfH.png https://i.imgtc.com/VYlkySv.png Disclaimer: Any accusations of guilt are completely speculative and I’m not accusing any of the members of the ICMEC board of crimes. I’m simply showing the connections that exist between the powerful and well connected who make up the board of directors. ICMEC, Ambassadors and the State Department

Let’s begin by profiling a few key members of the ICMEC’s board of directors: Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC)

– Co-Founder of the ICMEC in 1998, former First Lady of the US, Former US Secretary of State from 2009-2013, 2016 Democratic candidate for US President, member of the Council on Foreign Relations Elizabeth Frawley Bagley

– Top-tier DNC Bundler (Fundraiser), US State Department 2009-2017, Former Ambassador to Portugal, Senate Liaison for NATO Expansion 1994-1997, US representative to UNGA, widow of Smith Bagley heir to R.J. Reynolds Tobacco fortune (also formerly a Top-tier DNC bundler), member of the Council on Foreign Relations Maura Harty

– Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affair at the US State Department 2003-2008, Foreign Service Officer, President & CEO of ICMEC 2014-present Ambassadors Linked to the US State Department

• Anthony Luzzatto Gardner – EC Ambassador (in Belgium) • Howard Gutman – Top-tier DNC Bundler, US Ambassador to Belgium 2009-2013, Allegations of soliciting sex from minors as Ambassador (See - https://steemit.com/pizzagate/@v4vapid/clinton-state-department-cover-up-of-pedophilia)))) Rewarding top-tier bundlers with ambassadorships is a common practice in politics. As a successful fundraiser for the Obama campaign, Howard Gutman was appointed US ambassador to Belgium in 2009. Gutman was a popular ambassador among those he came in to contact with during his tenure in Brussels from 2009-2013. Gutman’s honeymoon with the Belgian public abruptly ended when it was revealed that he had attempted to solicit sex from a minor in a public park. Despite the accusations, Gutman unequivocally denied the claims and stayed on as Ambassador completing his term. https://steemit.com/pizzagate/@v4vapid/clinton-state-department-cover-up-of-pedophilia Secretary Clinton's 2012 visit to Brussels

https://i.imgtc.com/Mh9ioiy.jpg Ambassador Gutman shaking hands with King Albert II

https://i.imgtc.com/BYI4xnn.jpg In a similar scandal Terry Bean, another Democratic Party bundler, was arrested for the rape of a 15 year old. US Ambassador to the European Union

Obama appointed Anthony Luzzatto Gardner to the US mission to the European Union from 2014-2017. Member of the Council on Foreign Relations and Le Cercle de Lorraine. https://i.imgtc.com/tbE1Gg7.png Belgian Connections

Queen Poala – Belgian Queen and wife of King Albert II (married in 1959)

Baron Daniel Cardon de Lichtbuer

• The first Chairman/President of ICMEC (est. 1998) • Board of directors Missing Children Europe (est. 2001) • Chairman of Child Focus in Belgium (est. 1998) • Board of Directors Foundation Child (est. 1998) European Members or Affiliate Organizations

Ernesto Caffo

– Professor of Psychiatry University of Modena, President SOS II Telefono Azzurro (Italy), President Child Foundation, board member Missing Children Europe https://i.imgtc.com/1qgfSZ6.png Missing Children Europe

http://missingchildreneurope.eu/ https://i.imgtc.com/LFXdhGk.png Missing Children Europe is an umbrella organization that incorporates dozens of child advocacy groups spanning across Europe. Belgian Ties

One of the central personalities at the ICMEC is the Baron Daniel Cardon de Lichtbuer (Cardon). Cardon was the first president of the organization. Mr. Cardon is deeply involved in a plethora of organizations dealing with missing, abused and exploited children. Cardon spent his entire career in the Belgian banking world and has been a long-time member of the business community. His banking career started at Bank Brussels Lambert (BBL), where he eventually became CEO. He belongs to the Brussels business association known as: Le Circle de Lorrain. https://i.imgtc.com/3TcAOHk.jpg Cardon was selected as the ICMEC’s first president (1998) and has served on the board of directors since its inception. To receive the title of ‘Baron’ in Belgium is akin to being ‘lorded’ / ‘sired’ in the UK. It is an honor bestowed by the monarch for service and achievement. King Albert II awarded the title of “Baron” to Daniel Cardon in 1998. As we will see, both King Albert II and Baron Daniel Cardon de Lichtbuer are named in the Dutroux Scandal and cover-up. King Albert is identified by a witness as being present at a gathering described as a ‘hunt of children”. It's unclear if the witness was referring to King Albert I or King Albert II. The Baron however, is not named as being involved in the sexual abuse of children but he was involved in the cover-up. (Source: To be added shortly) This is intriguing, the wife of the King, Queen Poala, and a wealthy banker baron both emerging as champions of abused children, acquiring lead roles in the new international organization while at the same time being intimately linked to an accused in the Dutroux Scandal. Not only that, but the Baron suddenly takes on a leading role in Belgium’s own child advocacy organization Child Focus (1998) and later with greater Europe’s equivalent; Missing Children Europe (2001). But that’s not all, he's also a board member at Italy’s children's foundation Foundazione Child who’s president and founder, Ernesto Caffo, also happens to be a member of the ICMEC board of directors. Furthermore, Cardon is also identified as being part of the support committee of several other children’s organizations: Kids’ Care and the Belgian Kid’s Fund. Now, perhaps it’s unfair to cast the Baron Cardon in such poor light, as his involvement with these organizations may truly be altruistic. Besides, he's a Baron. A man ‘lorded’ by the highest order of the country and a respected pillar of the Brussels business community. A reputable organization such as Le Cercle de Lorrain surely would never allow their ranks to be filled by scoundrels and degenerates, would they? Le Cercle de Lorraine

https://i.imgtc.com/vU1wbKW.png Le Cercle de Lorraine was established in Brussels in 1998 and is an association of businessmen from across the city and throughout the country. A few notable foreign members of the Cercle de Lorraine include: US Ambassador Anthony Luzzatto Gardner

https://i.imgtc.com/q0rCvr4.png Qatari Ambassador to Belgium Ali Jassim T. J. Al-Thani

UAE Ambassador to Belgium Sulaiman Hamid Almazoui

https://i.imgtc.com/AnXLs2Y.png Incredibly, members of the business association Le Cercle de Lorraine have also been implicated in the Dutroux Scandal and subsequent cover-up. There are several members of the organization that were identified as pedophiles and child rapists....."

----- That quoted portion is only part of the entire post, which is too long for a comment here

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Possible Motive: He knew where the bodies were buried?

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Could have been cultural enrichment from a muslim immigrant.

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Could have, but the cemetery location rings alarm bells. Lawmaker surely to god would not need to double as an undertaker, and if they did, I cannot imagine a legit reason for it.

Unless as a previous commenter implied, he was literally burying bodies for them.

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I'm absolutely making this phrase mine through daily conversation. Fucking cultural enrichment...fantastic lol

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Very high probability IMO.

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