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This is not pizzagate related. If it becomes related to child abuse or pedo rings or ritual abuse, then by all means. But looks like this is more relevant to other subs. Sliding has become a very effective shill tactic lately since voat removed the search function.


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DSW's involvement in trying to elect the cannibal queen to the presidency while head of DNC and potentially blackmailing congress in the process is absolutely pizzagate related. It involves the emails, and the leaks so possibly even connects to potential evidence of Seth Rich's murder.


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If there is any scrap of information that shows a connection to child abuse, have at it. Until then, it's not pizzagate, it's RICO, it's horrific corruption. There are subs for that, where discussion of pizzagate or pedogate would get removed as off topic. Hence I am saying this is best discussed elsewhere. I care very much both about this topic and these people getting justice. I just think that this sub is meant for the investigation of child abuse claims, which are not connected YET to this story.


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Anyone close the Killary is a suspect in pizzagate! We need to know what is on the laptop that DWS is willing to threaten a Chief Police Officer, saying 'you are violating the RULES' - Question, why does she say violating RULES and not violating the LAW?


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shut up, jackass


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