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Yuuuge military base there! Ft. Riley About 25 yrs ago there was several bars, and dives operated by older Korean women. Many young girls seen walking around Junction City all hours of the day and night. I-70 runs right on the edge of base and JC. Very easy to transport whatever you wanted to. Only a toll road in between Kansas City and JC. Yep, I said for yrs, that whole area is creepy as fuck! Also, the truck used by Timothy McVey was rented from JC KS. Evil!

Then there is the KU University near by in Manhattan, Ks.

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Mamasang was what those Korean women was called! Thank God you got out of there!

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Here is a story of a Fort Worth soldier involved in a sex trafficking case. http://archive.is/JqHyW

DynCorp International was involved with Fort Riley as of 2011. http://archive.is/mt9jG

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thanks for sharing your story. we need more victims to come forward, especially when ritualistic abuse was part of it. we're all sorry you had to go through that, and appreciate you being strong enough to relive it.

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I found a video from Clarabel's (if that is the right spot.) They were doing a dance from the movie Risky Business. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MeZlIq_7Ins

Also check out 2:40 of this video. This does not seem like age appropriate stuff at all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPhBRH0pzIg

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I didn't find the videos particularly risque, the children's costumes were questionable

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Risky Business themes promote prostitution and teen sex

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nothing here that was not age appropriate. it's just girls dancing.

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I am so sorry that happened to you! Thank you for posting.

Here is a recent post about Ft. Riley's large number of CSA and CP arrests.

Also I noticed odd wording in an article about a preschool there, it's in the comments:

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Sick and so damn sad that somebody puts their kids into a dance studio wanting them to have fun and have a hobby then this horrific event occurs where they get kidnapped and used to make CP. Is there more details of how it happened? What did they tell you follow us we're going out to get a snack girls or full on kidnapping? I wish somebody would spraypaint on that building "DON'T SEND YOUR KIDS PEDOPHILE CHILD PORN OPERATION HERE" and put up signs everywhere and protest

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I think I found the group in that area. The Civella Crime Family. JC is not that far from Kansas City.

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First of all thanks for coming out with this information. My aunt was pimped by her own mother, my grandma. One day a guy bought her and my dad and uncle stopped talking to my grandma and became friends with the guy that bought her out.

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I'm so sorry that happened to you :( I hope your parents burn in hell. We'll expose them all in time and put them all under the hanging tree for everyone to see. One day, someday, your past will come to light and justice will be served.

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Popingo Video http://archive.is/blvqC Corrected the link.

And here is one for Union Lodge #7. http://archive.is/1n4vv

Is this the right dance studio? They spell it Clarabel. http://archive.is/cfTuq

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Gotcha, just wanted to make sure.

It says it is owned by Clarabel Van Nahmen. http://archive.is/ZioWg

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The owner's name is Crystal Harrison. Terry Harper is also in that link to Popingo.

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OP mentioned the Popingo video rental store was in Junction City. It is out of business:


This one in your comment (http://archive.is/QwfwA)) is over three hours from Junction City. It is one of several Popingo video stores. I don't think there's any reason to believe the people in Parsons owned the one in Junction City.

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Good call. Thanks!

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Three actors played Clarabell on a regular basis. The first was Bob Keeshan, who later became Captain Kangaroo. Keeshan was succeeded by Robert "Nick" Nicholson,[1] who also played the character of J. Cornelius Cobb on The Howdy Doody Show. Lew Anderson[2] was the third and last person to play Clarabell. Anderson played the character from 1954 until the series' final episode on September 24, 1960. Anderson returned to play Clarabell in the short-lived 1976–77 New Howdy Doody Show and in the 1987 40th anniversary special, and in later years in many personal appearances with Buffalo Bob Smith. In addition, Dayton Allen, Bill LeCornec, and others played Clarabell in the early years if Keeshan was busy doing something else for the show. Many attempts were made to find out the real face behind Clarabell. In season 2, #33 of Happy Days, Richie Cunningham is able to get a candid shot of Clarabell (Robert Brunner) without his makeup, but chooses to destroy it after Buffalo Bob tells him to keep the actor's actual face concealed from the public. Based upon the period in which Happy Days is set, Lew Anderson would have been portraying Clarabell during that time. NOW we know that Bob Keeshan and Ron Howard have been linked to the pedophile research we have been doing. Just a thought and possible clue.

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I'm really sorry for what you went through. This world is so filled with selfish evil wasters.

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Interestingly, the business is not registered with the state of Kansas. For a company to be in business for over 40 years and seemingly never to have a business license, very odd. It might be under another name though. I tried every variation I could think of including the owner's name-- Clarabel Van Nahmen and Crystal Harrison which was mentioned by darkknight111. @darkknight111, I'm curious about where you found that name.

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clicked the archive link, then scrolled down. Said the owner of that video store is Crystal. Its the Popingo Video Store archieved link.

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Gotcha. Misread. Thought you were talking about the dance studio.

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Did you try under the name Clarabel's Performing Arts Citadel?

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Yes, I tried all variations. No luck.

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I'm sure she was. But, IF the business was legally registered (and clearly, following the law is not important to her) it may have been done under another name, possibly her real name or under an umbrella corporation name for tax and liability purposes. There are a LOT of dance studios registered with the state. The results cap at 400 and there were more than that so I gave up trying to look at each one for clues that might indicate it was the right one.

It's very possible that now you'll start to remember more bits and pieces because it's on your mind again and because you know that we're here to help you if we can. Don't be shy about creating a new post again later if you come up with more clues. In the meantime, we might find some stuff based on what you've already told us.

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