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This is why it's generally not good to get too excited about comments/videos etc on youtube and twitter

Be discrete, don't report them here or heaps of people start looking, which triggers a flood of 'views', which alerts the video owner that they're busted.

Plus some dickheads dunno when to shut the fuck up and refrain from posting "we're on to you!"


~no disrespect to you angela

EDIT: As pointed out by others(thanks for the reminder), you can use archive.is to get a snapshot of the page + comments - you then share the archived link and source link here(or even omit the source link), while reminding users not to comment on the video.

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what should i do about it then? Is there a more serious forum somewhere? i dont know where to go. I feel like nobody is actually seeing it.

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That's what I hate...it's a double negative. Don't expose them you'll alert them...or do nothing and they go on?

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You may already know how to archive but if not this might be helpful:

LifeHacker article:

YouTube tutorials:

Screen capture: search online for how to take a screen capture with your device or computer, there are video tutorials on this too

Upload screen captures to an image hosting site:

Image Hosting Service

An image hosting service allows individuals to upload images to an Internet website. The image host will then store the image onto its server, and show the individual different types of code to allow others to view that image.

Choosing an image hosting site that suits your needs takes a little research.

We can't depend on archive nor image sites to not go out of business, etc., so you can paste to Word, save on a hard drive, etc.

I would suggest you look into screencast apps in case that suits your needs.


P.S. I am not a computer expert so others please add your insights!

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I saw the comments under LD Hiddle seemed to be a lot of introductions and codes one i looked at linked to their own channel aimed at babies - seemed harmlesd but only watched a bit

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I honestly don't know what the answer is, as I personally don't even know that the police(in any country) can be trusted to handle these things appropriately.

@gamepwn I hear ya, I do, I just dunno what the solution is.

EDIT: As pointed out by others(thanks for the reminder), archive.is is your best bet for snapshotting suspect pages before they can be scrubbed.

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Where would you suggest someone report it too then. That sort of thing needs to be exposed. I think screenshots should be made as well as archived. They have removed a bunch of archives that we made before.

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screenshot and archive to a an external drive which you do not keep connected at all times SCREENSHOT ARCHIVED PAGES(before it can be scrubbed), NOT THE LIVE PAGE

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You must be onto something or else why would they go to so much trouble? Anyway I hope this helps.... http://archive.is/qvxfE

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What? What was that garbage?

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absolute luck that someone archived it <3

EDIT: but also, yes, utter wtf material

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Thankfully I have no idea. I don't wish to go back to look! Just took an archive with all those self-referencing names. Never seen that on Gulagtube before this thread. Has to be dodgy

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You did a good job. Now you know to archive tho BEFORE you share. But, they have even removed archives before as well. So, I would also take screenshots. I didn't get to see it when the comments were there.

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Weird...all of that Fatima Malik stuff. Fatima was Mohammed's daughter. Muslims basically worship her. That's why so many of their girls are named Fatimah/Fatima. I searched the combo of first and last name and got a HUGE number of results. It is like "Jane Doe" in the Arab world.

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The open web is a pretty much just a veil for pedophiles. I noticed a comment on when pizzagate first started on one of Eric Andre's videos titled "Legalize Rape". I'm guessing "legalize ranch" refers to that. There was 3 comments and one had 51 likes while the others had 1 and 2, seeming to point out that "they" know what the Eric Andre show is really about. They get guests on there, then reprogram the guests via SRA type torture the moment the camera feed cuts out. Been saying this for fucking ever, it's literally right in front of our faces. Adult swim is pretty much dedicated to SRA and pedophilia.

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Agree with everything except the gaslighting of Satanism. Remember, the worldfuckers hop-skip-about between all religions past and present - they simply favor the ones that are more geared towards knowledge on magick (and the utilization thereof), eg: pagans, wiccans, satanists, thelemites, gnostics, jews/zionists(these ones especially for THEIR views on children, NOT satanists), muslims, bhuddists... you get the picture.

Satanists are actually pretty adamant about not harming small creatures or children, last Ichecked.

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Solid comment, internet's been crazy since PG broke out. I can't even post on reddit anymore, IP blocked. Agree about the moving between religions, whatever further's their end goal. What's interesting is I remember when this first broke out, I checked out r/pedofriends and there were actually pedophiles arguing with "zoophiles" or whatever, on how children can consent, but animals cannot, and vice-versa. I had really never even thought about pedophilia or beastiality before all of this, I would have simply never thought to see a kid and imagine that other adults find them attractive, it's a whole new world.

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This is a youtube video with 29 million views and only about 15 replies to comments that have been all erased in 12 hours after a post revealing they were ciphered comments. Dont believe the shilling.

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at least some of those views will now be attributable to 'gaters, unfortunately.

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I came here to say Fuck you, spez! Seems appropriate.

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actually, @maggiethatcher, thank you

you CAN always use archive.is to get a snapshot of the page(+comments), you then share the source link and archived link here - so that any changes to the comments/video/archived page, are obvious as fuck - most notably, the timeframe in which any changes were made.

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