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**DNC link **

He lived in Debbie Wasserman Schulz's district https://voterrecords.com/voter/7288284/kurt-smolek

Hillary State Dept Link

He worked for the Hillary Clinton State Dept in CAMBODIA https://www.osac.gov/pages/ContentReportDetails.aspx?cid=19608 - OSAC, United States Dept of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security! Diplomatic security? REALLY?! Making sure US companies and - NGOs and charities - get security, advice, local contacts.

Cambodia Child Trafficking link

Cambodia has a huge problem with human trafficking, child sex trafficking, and child sex tourism. Phnom Penn, where Smolek was based, is a hot spot. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_trafficking_in_Cambodia

Clinton Foundation Link

Clinton Foundation is predictably involved in Cambodia, working with kids https://www.clintonfoundation.org/main/clinton-foundation-blog.html/2013/06/03/what-i-saw-and-learned-in-southeast-asia-and-why-i-left-inspired

George Webb

Body found right where George Webb has been filming https://youtu.be/8_8VW-rwA9U