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This is not surprising actually. Notch is quite "based".

Convincing prominent celebs (youtube or otherwise) that pizzagate is real can also be of use to us to help red pill people. People like Pewdipie.

I know former WWE wrestler Val Venis is aware of pizzagate and thinks its fully real given how suspicious the media is acting towards it.

If we can convince Sargon, we can redpill leftists for Sargon is a "center left" personality. The odd situation with him is that while he doesn't believe Pizzagate is real, he believes "Elite Pedophile Rings and cover ups involving them" ARE real. He's more of a "needs hard physical evidence type".


[–] Kristina_Gilliam 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

Sargon knows it's real based on his ritual abuse video that he did. He doesn't have the balls to say it outright though as he will lose cred in the "skeptic" community.


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Link? Not that I don't believe you (I do). I just want to see the time stamp on it. The video I was refering to was dated in December. He was actually defending us with his argument despite his stance at that time.


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Made a list just for that!