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Doesn't matter if its a troll or not. That doesn't mean we cant use that manual against them anyway.

Spread it around anyway, but put lots of emphasis on a specific word used on the cover. That way, we get THEM framed as being the very Nazis they claim to oppose.

In short, a revenge false flag in retaliation for the false flag they attempted on us after Charolettesville. One that turns the left against Antifa. Potential way to redpill liberals and others by exposing Antifa's true colors.


[–] 10288245? 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

haha so you think spreading an obvious troll manual pretending it's true is a good idea that's going to convince liberals, who will quickly realize that it's fake? instead of making us look like we really believe "fake news" or at the very least are willing to lie and be manipulative for our agenda?

it's a poorly done obvious troll. enough lefties know people who are commies or "antifa" or are connected to alt left ideology enough to know it was written by someone on the right who isn't familiar with the ideology. for one, the alt-left's primary concern is the transgenda. women-centered feminism is a threat to trans ideology; no one on the alt left really cares about misogyny anymore, or homophobia; it's all transmisogyny or transphobia.

it's going to take a lot to turn liberals against antifa or the trans agenda if it's even possible. there are tons of informed, legitimate complaints to make about antifa/trans ideology. spreading literal fake news and pretending it's real is a dumb idea.