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Shriners have their own hospitals, so I don't think this case would be connected with them.

But I'm glad you brought up the Shriners. I've wondered for years about them and also about St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. Both treat children for free if their families can't afford care, and there might be other hospitals that have the same setup.

While that is truly a noble endeavor, it's always seemed to me that free care offered to desperate families creates huge potential for abuse. A grateful parent whose child's life is on the line will be very unlikely to ask for a second opinion on whether surgery is really necessary or question other care given. How can they say no if asked to allow experimentation on their child in the name of research, especially if that's the price for receiving any treatment at all? Most people don't know enough about medicine to ask informed questions anyway, let alone have the presence of mind to do so during their child's serious health crisis.

Here is a heartbreaking story from parents of a child with brain cancer who was treated at St. Jude:

And there's this: The founder of St. Jude was actor Danny Thomas--a Shriner:


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"While that is truly a noble endeavor,"

WTF is noble about it? Your comment suggests that you have not researched modern cancer "treatments."

St. Jude's was established to provide FREE POISON for poor kids with a CA diagnosis.

Cut, burn, and nuke DOES NOT WORK. But, hey, POPULATION CONTROL is the big agenda!