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I have that feeling like I am three feet from gold. Or three feet from a bullet. We already know so much about the scandals and illegal activity of Tenet Healthcare. An genuine FBI investigation could be a complete paradigm shift.

What we need is to get people angry about it. Hopefully people can use this to redpill some normies. Point out that Rick Scott is a pro-Trump Republican so they can see the problem goes beyond political affiliation. Couch the redpill in anti-Republican peanutbutter so they can get the Clinton Foundation portion after they accept that Tenet is depraved.


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If we can locate more personal stories from parents whose children have been affected, we'll have a better chance at redpilling. That's the kind of thing that really brings it home to people and makes their blood boil. Edit: There might be some leads to follow here:


[–] AssFaceSandwich2 ago 

"Couch the redpill in anti-Republican peanut butter" lololol