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After first report by @Dorfaladin I have started to investigate everything about this site and even have much more info then you have... ! but strange thing is I have got mail asking me to transfer 1 BTC, now I understood that's it's from you, you ask for 1 BTC which is (4000$) or you will publish all information on public forums, you are using this for own revenue and all this ineradicable work which is done here used by you to get some more cash...

you think everyone is blind right ? This community exposed hundreds of pedos in different positions not a big deal to find out about you also, Want to use our power to get money I even not sure if your posting real people info, I will have soon full db and will check myself BTC is anonymous so there will not be names you maybe using fake names to just get from them money.

Okay so I just want to tell that all information which I have collected for site and also collected information about you, soon both will be published after reporting to authorities! your treating about wife and kids.

Oh also I remember you was using stolen cards right ? I was thinking from where I remember you, I was fighting there also world is small criminals should be in jail like pedos, I even not sure that your not one of them.

Hope in future after this no one will be able to use good work for there evil plans! That will be a lesson! I love this community because they are doing work without revenue they want to expose all this evil and your destroying all this because of own good, your EVIL which should be exposed also.

Example mail I have got on fake email which I have created

I have hacked TM4B and now contain all user account and transaction information. I will be releasing all records (including your IP: *) on several online public forums as well as sending your account information and purchase history to the United States FBI where you will be investigated and charged with the purchase and support of child pornography. I will find family members, your wife if you're married, kids if you have any, and will let them know about your activities as well. However, since I have thousands of pedophiles to expose, you can remove yourself from my list for 1 bitcoin: dcxz584hf8d02ke6axxhc5zlw After you send the payment, reply to this message with proof and I'll remove you from my list and you won't be exposed.

Soon with site info I will post full info about @karenrussell63


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Well that's a disappointing revelation. Karenrussell63 if you are using your work as a method for blackmail and extortion you would be no better than the people you are going after. (Actually worse, since extortion is a felony, and as despicable these sites are, they aren't illegal.) What is your response to this karenrussell63?


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Here's my response about this smear claim: "Evidence or GTFO". @karenrussell63 has been solid contributing member here for a long time. Don't be swayed by uncorroborated claims.