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Yup! If you follow who's supporting Krysten Sinema, you'll pick up the trail. Like here:


In the upper right hand corner you'll see a link to a video: Summer Camp for Transgender Kids.

In the video, they ask: "What makes this program different?" Well, according to them, the difference is they service transgender kids SOME AS YOUNG AS FOUR-YEARS-OLD!!!!

This is complete child abuse and a social experimentation that we can't afford!

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It's not enough to rape the kids physically, pedos are bored of male/female and need something new. At this rate, one day they'll be sewing tails on babies.

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True enough. It's hard to imagine people are this venal, but they are. I haven't written about it, but I believe I saw one of the groomed elite transgender kids in this neighborhood I frequent. It's so scary. I wanted to perform an intervention. He's about four and it took me about fifteen minutes before I determined he was a little boy. The way he was dressed, and his hair. It was short, but it was style like a girl's. He was shockingly, alarmingly thin, and wouldn't really eat. Only took one bite of his food and then recoiled into this pretentious shell. He was trying to be so cool at four. That doesn't happen on its own. He's from an uber wealthy family and I feel so sorry for this kid, but there's nothing you can do. Seems the parents have a right to raise a psychological mess that will need massive therapy and massive amounts of drugs to cope.

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So I looked at his campaign donations on OpenSecrets. Here's the advanced search:


It may give us some new leads. Like Krysten Simena. Lots of donations to her way. I do a cursory search and BINGO. A WaPo story no less:


Kyrsten Sinema: A success story like nobody else’s

Really? Another one of those meteoric rises? We know the drill. Somebody that's a puppet/stooge chosen for a reason known only to the Elite Gods. But how about you bet that her lifestyle is the reason?


Sinema, First Openly Bisexual Member Of Congress, Represents 'Changing Arizona'

Arizona's new 9th Congressional District is sending a different type of representative to Washington this week: She's young — 36. She grew up homeless for a time. And she'll be the first openly bisexual member of Congress.

Oh, yeah! I wonder what her real story is. This is a definite lead.

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So good.

Never considered what you are putting out here. 👍

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Appreciate the good words.

All these stories are giving us glimpses as to what The Cannibal Elite are into and it just gets sicker every day.

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https://www.facebook.com/morgan.morgan.75839?fref=pb&hc_location=friends_tab&pnref=friends.all Here is one of Buck's fb friends. Appears to be a young black male prostitute. https://www.facebook.com/edbuck.buck Here is Buck's FB page, which should probably be archived before he deletes it. Lots of interesting friends, like Sandra Fluke and many young black men. Also, the first picture of Buck on his FB shows teddy bears and other children's stuffed animals in the background.

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Upvoat for you.

Thanks for this.

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So glad to hear Jerry Brown's name finally mentioned.

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Well, you can't do it without proof, but there's the picture. Most of us sure don't have pictures floating around of us making nice-nice with HRC or Jerry Brown.

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Jerry Brown, failed Jesuit Priest... Or was he? I'll give you another associate of his soon.

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Quite a few prominent black strong holds in his state of California:

Bohemian Grove

The Presidio.

Michael Aquino

Marin County

Remember Manson..

Hollywood -

Manhattan Beach area..McMartin Pre-School

Scientology (has another presence in Florida.)

Disneyland in Anaheim

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Same subject.

Has 157 upvote on news sub.

Over 25 comments right now.

OP @GizaDog


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So this is the guy that might have intentionally O.D. ed that kid on meth for his jollies. His political career is probably over before it gets started.

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Where did you get the accused of running a sex cult business?

That's not the accusation at all. The other thread on voat gets this right.