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Never forget, Van Sustren is DEEP DEEP DEEPLY embedded in Scientology, both her and her DC llobbyist lawyer husband John P. Coale, (who proudly calls himself "a pirate") To the point that they actually employed David Miscavige's mother for years and years as their "money man" accountant at their personal law firm - you don't get deeper than that. We are talking they are at the highest level of Scientology with decades of donations, deep operations and legal advice - Scientology's "ethics" require members to lie, cheat even murder if it benefits the church. No joke there.

Scientology has reared it's abominal head once in awhile here and you can bet if Van Susteren is involved, so is Scientology at some level

Samaritan's purse as well as Van Susteren and her husband were all involved with trying to get Sarah Palin elected and we have never taken a deep look at her but there were a lot of questions around Trigg's birth which probably involved a fake pregnancy and shady adoption for political gain.


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Very very impt point. Yes.

Thank you.