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Alot of these "evangelical" organizations are supported by the CIA and decidedly "un-Christian" organizations such as Reverend Moon's Unification Church.

AKA glorified fronts!


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These people are way beyond any semblence of creed. their loyalty is to Scientology because the church forces it, but within that it is to whatever agenda they are pushing.

The link to evangelical charity Samaratin's Purse (active in Alaska) and Van Sustren/Coale can be made as far back as the agenda of promoting Sarah Palin as far as her failed VP run - they thought they'd have a candidate amenable to their interests in dumb Sarah. Coale advised her on setting up a political PAC slush fund and brought her to Washington DC where she met Kissenger, another time she attended the Press roast with old DC insider and Nixon CREEP Malek.

Evangelicals run adoption mills, some are probably okay, some less so, just like funamentalist congregations.