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Vinson had government members who were his clients. Greta filed a motion to release the names of Vinson's clients. Her motion was successful but its public disclosure was banned. Vinson said that Greta 'sold him out'. This is what Vinson said:

I named several powerful and affluent men who either procured escorts through me or procured them through one of the architects of the blackmail operation. I also edified (enlightened?) her about the pedophile network that was organized by these architects. In addition, I mentioned the threat that had been parsed out to me by a member of George H.W. Bush’s cabinet.

No doubt Greta was working for the government.

Vinson said of Spence:

I ended up providing escorts to a CIA asset named Craig Spence who was a preeminent blackmail artist. His upscale DC home was fitted with state-of-the-art blackmail equipment that he used to blackmail our country’s elite. Spence told me that he was blackmailing the rich and powerful for the CIA...

lol, Vinson calls himself a 'scapegoat'--yet another psychopathic criminal playing the victim.