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Interesting, especially since I was just reading excerpts from that interview while looking into some Haiti related topics. This excerpt is from rense, I haven't looked to source every detail in it...

At the subsequent trial of project organizers Laura Silsby (Gayler) and her church-based supporters, the Haitian prosecution showed that Jorge Puello (aka Torres-Orellana) was not a lawyer as claimed but instead a wanted criminal in El Salvador and Costa Rica on charges of international trafficking of women and underage girls for prostitution. Born in Yonkers, New York, to a Dominican mother and Puerto Rican father, he was previously arrested for people-smuggling into Canada. He had also been arrested the U.S. for handling money for drug smugglers.  

Puello-Torres asserted that he was the head of the 400-strong Sephardic Jewish community in the Dominican Republic, based on lineage from his mother, who was also implicated but not charged in the family business of human trafficking, but appears to be the matriarch of a larger crime family.  

Notably, Puello-Torres said that he had worked with U.S. Army military intelligence, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the Department of Homeland Security. Why was this undercover agent involved in an attempt to transfer “orphans”, many of them children still with parents, transferred from Friends of the Orphans facilities to Laura Silsby’s operation across the border? Why did he serve only half of his prison sentence? Was the leniency toward this fraudster and pimp due to powerful patrons in the American political establishment?

I had also been reading an article by Chantal Laurent, "...a Haitian-American who blogs about Haiti, socio-economic, environmental and political issues at thehaitianblogger". Laurent's name is connected to Monica Peterson according to this post

On January 3rd, 2016, Petersen shared with Robinson some of her findings based on her field work in Haiti up to that point. By this time she had already become aware of corruption by the Clintons in Haiti or as she put it, "start[ed] to connect the dots on what I already suspected". In fact, she was getting ready to dive in full time: Ms. Clinton has corrupt & dirty business to finish in Haiti ... This is the theory my master's thesis puts forth... this is modern structural slavery.

Robinson re-shared this post by Petersen to a Facebook group to which she belonged.

In that same post, Petersen also links to a blog post discussing similar claims. The blog is written by Haitian native, Chantal Laurent, and the specific post Petersen provided is called Hillary Clinton's Scandalous Conduct in Haiti: Charity Begins at Home.

The day after, on January 4th, 2016, Petersen again shared with Robinson some more of her findings: But the real significance of this scandal for me, I know you feel me Bella, is the link to contemporary slavery and trafficking. I can't say to what extent, but there is human trafficking happening through the Clinton's Caracol Complex.

From another one of Chantal Laurent's articles: The MSM Continues to Perpetuate Fallacies About Haiti 8/31/2011

Haiti is the scene of an ongoing international crime. It's to be expected that the worst sort of buzzards would be picking its bones clean. The NGOs supported by USAID are expected to return over 90% of the money spent in Haiti back to Washington.

Haiti is under occupation. Period. There is no freedom, human rights, sovereignty, autonomy or decision making by Haiti's government. The U.S. and its "partners" are determined to keep real democracy out of the hands of the Haitian people as evidenced by their awareness and endorsement (according to Wikileaks) of the fraudulent nature of he last two major elections in Haiti.

...every upcoming or anticipated disaster, calamity and mismanagement of resources"etc, is the direct responsibility of those who have imposed detrimental trade policies that have robbed Haiti of the ability to feed its people, that have sponsored coups, fraudulent elections, brought disease, the entire globe's occupying armies to play their war games, the multinational exploiters of Haiti's wealth, and others who use Haiti as their piggy bank and dumping ground for all of their toxic hate, greed and depravity"

**Speaking of depravity: they also share the responsibility for making Haiti the ground zero for sexual predators of every base/perverted sexual nature imaginable. **