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Thanks, didn't take your post as a sign of distrust, you're suggestion about documenting hypnotherapy sessions is interesting. Clearly that could make it much harder for any "dirty" or compromised therapists to further mind control programming in the patients rather than freeing them from it. The scope of this network that perpetuates this kind of abuse seem to be incredibly insidious and far-reaching, the more one looks into it. Just one example of many, Ewen Cameron was the President of both the American and Canadian Psychiatric Associations, he was at the very top of psychiatric world in terms of professional credibility for many years. Yet its 100% proven that Ewen Cameron was one of the main perpetuators of the CIA's MKULTRA mind control program. In Canada, Cameron performed vicious mind control experiments on mostly single women, using forced LSD injections and extreme sensory deprivation to literally shatter his victims minds, in some bizarre attempt to completely erase his victims personalities and rebuild new ones of his own design. Many of his victims have won big-dollar lawsuits against the Canadian government for this abuse.

The point is: if the so-called "pillars" of the psychiatric community have been involved in this kind of abuse abuse, who do we trust? IMO, It has to be about forming horizontal networks of people we can trust as much as we can, and creating transparent networks for sharing information quickly, before it can get corrupted. Forums like this are a great step in that direction.