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Part 2

Continued from: Are Clinton Insiders Involved in Child Abduction A factual Analysis

Fact 5 Tony Podesta collects images that show minors who have been abducted and/or abused.

Multiple mainstream, publicly accessible sources have confirmed this fact. First, it was reported by Washington Life that Tony has turned his home into a “shrine” for artists such as Biljana Djurdjevic. Note the painting hanging in Tony’s living room below:


It depicts an underage school girl. Another piece that was reported to be owned by Podesta appears to show several female minors or teens arranged on a tiled floor with dead leaves.

These images were provided by Biljana Djurdjevic, one of Tony’s favorite “artists,” who paints very realistic scenes of child abduction and/or abuse. Here is a collection of some images by Djurdjevic .You will notice Tony’s school girl among them, next to the malnourished boy being hung against a tiled wall.

It depicts an underage school girl. Another piece that was reported to be owned by Podesta appears to show several female minors or teens arranged on a tiled floor with dead leaves.

These images were provided by Biljana Djurdjevic, one of Tony’s favorite “artists,” who paints very realistic scenes of child abduction and/or abuse. Here is a collection of some images by Djurdjevic (you will notice Tony’s school girl among them, next to the malnourished boy being hung against a tiled wall,


Another sculpture that Tony has in his home appears to represent the same pose as a victim who was abducted and killed by Jeffrey Dahmer. Pictured on the left is Jeffrey Dahmer’s actual victim, and on the right is Tony Podesta’s representation near a cage-like structure beneath a staircase. This is known as the Arch of Hysteria a sculpture by Louise Bourgeois.


Further, the Washington Post reported that guests in Tony’s home were horrified when they saw that Tony had multiple, full color photos in his bedroom by Katy Grannan, whose photos show “naked teenagers.

Here is an example of Katy Grannan’s images.


Curiously, Washington Post removed their report, but viewers were able to archive it here.



Fact 6: Tony Podesta has been friends with documented pedophile Dennis Hastert for many years, he still keeps in touch with him, and the two traveled together to Japan to mingle with students.

One of the Google authenticated emails released by WikiLeaks revealed that Tony Podesta has “stayed in touch” with Dennis Hastert for many years.



Indeed, the two traveled to Japan together where they were surrounded by students. According to Hastert’s biography: Hastert spent three months in Japan as part of the People to People Student Ambassador Program. One of Hastert’s fellow group members was Tony Podesta.


Here is an edited photo of the two in Japan, confirming that they have been friends for decades. (The original photo is in the WikiLeaks releases.



The judge who presided over Hastert’s conviction stated that Hastert is “a serial child molester.”

One of Hastert’s victims was lying on a table as Hastert pulled down his pants and began sexually violating him, reports state. You can read the details of the case here.


Fact 7: Tony Podesta has children’s stuffed animals next to his bed despite reports of him not having any children of his own.

A citizen spotted the stuffed animals and posted a photo:


You can view the original source of the photo here to verify its authenticity.


Fact 8 Despite viral reports of the Podestas being involved in child abduction, neither brother has provided empirical proof of their location during the weeks surrounding McCann’s abduction.

Multiple reports have been going viral across thousands of social media channels alleging that the Podesta brothers were involved in the abduction of McCann.

The brothers have been totally silent on the matter. If they were not involved, it would be simple for them to provide empirical proof of their location (in a manner which guarantees no alibis were created ex post facto) during the relevant scope of time. That would settle the matter. But they have been completely unresponsive.

Let us summarize the data.

All conspiracy theories aside, we are now in a position to state the following as factually true:

  • J and T. Podesta very much match the police descriptions of child abduction suspects.
  • T. Podesta collects imagery representing child abduction and abuse.
  • T. Podesta associates with a convicted child molester.
  • T. Podesta has stuffed animals near his bed despite not having children of his own.
  • J. Podesta’s emails are missing during the time of the child abduction.
  • J. Podesta’s assistant was covering his emails on May 4, 2007, the day after the child abduction.
  • J. and T. Podesta have been unresponsive to widespread allegations that they are involved in child abduction.

But when these facts are taken cumulatively in context, they do cry out for an explanation.


It is also worth noting that according the latest news about McCann’s abductors, UK police have issued a public statement according to which they now “know who took McCann” but they have been blocked from making an arrest due to international laws.



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Your post has just blown me away. Excellent Compilation of Verified Facts. This will be extremely valuable in hopefully convincing Newcomers. There is no denying certain proven facts. There is also their being acquainted with Clement Freud who invited the McCanns to his home for lunch a short time after Maddy's abduction. Now this is not factual and it is only my opinion that the picture of Maddy's progression and the picture of the girl years later with Podesta and family/friends are a very close match. There are people that have said that she is his grand daughter but imo that should be further researched due to all of your facts that you have so eloquently stated. Thank you again. UpVoat4U


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Excellent thread! One of the best yet, and it makes it hard for any well versed shill to dispute the evidence you've woven together.

Not to plug my own thread, but your info about Hastert and Podesta in Japan could be connected with the info I recently discovered during my research of a possible child trafficking front that Scott Steinberg is a the top of and wrote an article stating that Comet Ping Pong is the third best place to take children in DC. Please see my info here about the company linking to a site written in Japanese, read its odd translation, and the underground rail station in Japan it discusses. Also, Loose Cannon, Inc. may also be related to Asian child trafficking. https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2032917


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I would not call that plugging as much as it would be a "support thread". "Support leads" is a solid tactic used by law enforcement for gathering evidence that can lead to new finds.


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Just read your thread too. Mind Boggling. Orphanage and Party Place? What could be strange about that. People are not making the connections, but what is hard about that? Pretty obvious to me that there is something very strange about the two that just do not add up.


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One of the Podestas also has a large cage in their room masquerading as "art."


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He was probably training himself another beta sex kitten or assassin. :)


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stop spamming this sub..


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Spam implies that ESOTERICshade profits from slave trade topic. If the topic is too embarrassing, then a pedophile slave owner would need to mock and deflect. You are suffering from survival instincts. Even feral animals who eat their offspring have as much humanity as you.


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Absolutely. All your comment. We could do 20 posts on that and have more solid evidence to prove the associations with the money trail. Unfortunately a lot pizzagaters will agree with that sort of information and know it is true but not pay nearly as much attention to it because it does not involve sodomizing and torturing children. Hurting children is what garners the most attention.

Sex with the children is what seriously pisses everybody off the most.

The justice department already knows everything you just laid out but has no motivation to do anything about it because so many people in D.C. are dirty themselves. This sort of business corruption doesn't get the normies all that riled up either because they are so accustomed to D.C. being corrupt they consider it normal.

Abusing children is a whole other matter. It will seriously piss off normies if they become convinced it is true but it is much harder to prove because of the nature of the business and how the money flow works.

Normies will pretty much ignore the business graft and the child abuse is harder to prove.

The business graft posts should still be done though.


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This is good, but I feel that it is coming from the wrong direction. While cause for investigation, it isn't conclusive, yet.

American Security Council Foundation is a spook filled NGOS run by mining concerns. Front man Ronald Reagan. Motto: Peace through Strength.

Clinton pardons Marc Rich of Glencore, mining company that uses slaves and child slaves even today.

Clinton puts brother on board of VCS mining, which also relies on slave labor. Google Nexus of Gold Mining and human trafficking.

Giustra, a mining magnate, kicks off Uranium One expansion buy buying rights illegally from Kazatomprom, which uses slave labor from Mongolia. 2014 State Department report spells this out, as well as other years.

The slave trade and the Clintons are inextricably linked. It is that simple.

Now, draw the lines from point A and point B and you get Ruben Vardanyan, CEO of Troika Dialog and other Russian energy/mining concerns.

The Clintons are colluding with Russia through Ruben Vardanyan and are covering for the slave trade which uses slaves for labor and anything else people buy people for. The 3 letter agencies are running the deep Web markets and you can go shopping for people where companies like J T Packing will ship them.


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Good point. FBI Anon did say to follow the money. Those leads could lead to RICO charges, then while they're in the slammer, evidence gets gathered for the other crimes.


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No doubt Podesta are child traffickers. In McCann case the cadaver dogs indicate a murder.


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Readers are faced with a very important task of determining how to best explain the cumulative set of facts above.

If you want a more precise idea of how to determine “the best” explanation among several competing explanations, here is a brief list of criteria that must be satisfied.

The best explanation would be one that in comparison to its rivals does not depend on a host of contrived or ad hoc coincidences and just-so stories; accounts for all or most of the pieces of available data; is internally logically consistent and does not involve contradictions; accounts for the data in a compelling way, rather than creating more mystery; is simple, meaning it relies upon very few or no assumptions.

So let’s review our competing explanations.

COINCIDENCE: The podesta’s coincidentally match the police sketches down to the very mole above Tony’s eyebrow, John Podesta’s emails are coincidentally wiped or deleted during the time of the abduction, John Podesta’s assistant coincidentally had to cover his emails the day after the abduction, Tony Podesta coincidentally likes images depicting child abduction, coincidentally has stuffed animals near his bed despite not having children of his own, coincidentally is friends with a known child molester, and both brothers are coincidentally unresponsive and have not provided proof of their whereabouts during the relevant time frame despite viral news of the allegations that they were involved in child abduction.


Our own assessment: INVOLVEMENT is the best explanation, given the known data.

Unless and until there is additional evidence that better explains the data, it is eminently rational for people to conclude that the Podesta brothers were involved in abducting Madeleine McCann.

Now this does not constitute hard proof of guilt in a legal sense; but it does show that when presented with the above facts, people can be justified in forming the opinion that the Podestas had something to do with the abduction.

Watch the video below on the latest McCann news:


One reader responds: “Why would the Podestas abduct McCann themselves, when they could hire someone else to do it?”

Answer: We do not assume anything about the manner in which the abduction was performed. Cell site analysis indicates that as many as six suspects were seen in the area during the abduction making phone calls and observing homes.


It may be that the Podestas took on a managerial role in order to ensure the timing and success of the abduction. Or they carried the child themselves. Or they were simply lookouts. Or they made an arrangement with the child’s parents. We simply can’t say because we don’t want to make any assumptions. Note that this does not conflict with either explanation and is an auxiliary question, because the primary consideration is whether they were involved in the abduction, not how the abduction was coordinated. We can answer the whether without having to know the how. An answer to the how would certainly be interesting but it is not required in order to answer the whether.

Editor’s Note: To fully understand this investigation, one must first understand its true origin. Not what mainstream media is attempting to sell as the origin, but the genuine origin that was successfully covered up by both the government and mainstream media: “The Clinton-Silsby Trafficking Scandal And The Media Cover Up: The True Origin Of PizzaGate.” And moving forward, it is important that we recognize the legitimacy of this investigation and its attempted coverup, as well as the rising effort to manipulate the true focus of this investigation: “Researcher Finds Clear Clinton Connection To PizzaGate, But Let’s Stop Calling It That.”



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A preponderance of evidence can be used to convict in criminal cases without a direct eye witness or smoking gun.

good discussion.


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IIRC, what we've got is a very strong circumstantial evidence case. However, the white hats want a rock solid case that's basically impossible to defend. That way there's no mistakes that "Fake News" can use to protect them.


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QUESTION: When was the last time Podesta's whereabouts were confirmed prior to the reported date of McCann's disappearance?

Here's why I ask. There isn't much real proof of when the girl disappeared. If we assume she was abducted or killed when the McCanns claim, the theories are in conflict. For example, the very accurate tracking dog detected blood under the window where the children slept and in the trunk of the car they later rented. To me, this signifies no abduction took place.

Statement analysis of the McCanns proves to an extent that they are lying. Bear in mind, they were both doctors and might handle the death of their child differently than others would. The person doing the analysis concluded that the "event" occurred possibly days before it was reported.

Why that conclusion is interesting is that it opens up the possibility that she was abused sometime before her death, which may have been intentional or accidental. It also means, if true and the Podestas were involved we need to be looking at their whereabouts beginning a few days before the reported abduction.


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Not to plug my own thread, but your info about Hastert and Podesta in Japan could be connected with the info I recently discovered during my research of a possible child trafficking front that Scott Steinberg

Plug away I don't care. That is good dig thread you got going. You're on to something. I made a comment on your thread about "salad" and why they probably deleted from the menu after they realized you found them.



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Thanks, mate! :)

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