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Lawyer perspective with tin foil hat firmly in place:

You know how challenges to the Government to release information are just generally hard to win?
Need the right Judge, etc.? Ok. Well we also know that Wheeler is under some kind of gag order Can't talk about Rich (which is probably precisely what the DNC wants). In a defamation suit (which is what he filed against Fox), a key issue that has to get litigated, and documents have to get produced for, is whether the subject of the defamation is actually TRUTHFUL

What I'm saying is, the TRUTH will get litigated in this defamation suit. And, because he will be in court and a Judge will order him to do so, Wheeler WILL be able to talk.. In essence, he will be able to circumvent any gag order.

Not saying its for sure happening this way... but if this were the play, he has a legal avenue to drop Redpill MOABs while remaining protected from breaking his court order.


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I am a trial lawyer in tin foil hat! I so appreciate your response. That is if his lawyer will allow him to talk. Sometimes clients are better with their mouth shut.


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That makes sense to me. It seems like a minor thing to drag someone to court over otherwise.