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This is very likely nothing, but in thinking about how these people likely use the stem cells and pituitary glands of infants and young children to extend their own life, I was reminded of an episode of South Park that I've only seen aired a select few times. The episode where Kenny dies (again, you bastards), and Cartman lobbies the government to make stem cell research legal so that he can save Kenny's life. Does anyone remember what Cartman eventually does with those stem cells when he gets his hands on them? He clones a pizzeria. This all has little bearing on the case at hand, admittedly, but it was just an odd coincidence that I couldnt get out of my head.


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Or Christopher Reeve sucking embryos to become more powerful.

Or the alien joos that suck each other's "jag-ons" in the Cancelled episode

Nambla, catholic love boat

They put in plenty of clues


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It's a real place too. Shakey's pizza

But yes, all the pop star girls (katy perry, miley cyrus, lady gaga,) wearing pizza outfits to kind of mock this whole operation is rather disgusting and it says that the masons are overplaying their hand


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Makes me think about the cloning swordfish discussed.