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Ricky Dearman's Haiti child trafficking voice over for Josiah Bruney, whose work was..."recognised and promoted by the White House."

Rick Dearman stands accused of child torture, mind control and trafficking and has ties to Clinton/Tavistock

ricky dearman had a shell company at 88-90 hatton gardens, a mailing company. he was scrubbing records of it off the internet prior to the diamond heist which took place there. The leader of the heist said they found photographs of politicians with children but left to the police to investigate (who are corrupt and part of the coverup.)


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That mailbox forwarding was originally set up, as far as I can tell, by a Paul Carter. Does anyone know who this guy is? There have been TONS of different "directors" of this mailbox, one was connected to Oxford and one connected to CP, Porn and possibly snuff films. And of course, another was Dearman.