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This is why they are slow to accept Pizzagate...Furthermore, anyone who slanders Pizzagate investigations is not only clearly unaware of primary sources like Detective James Rothstein, but they are also willing to laugh away research about proven child abuse. Unfortunately, so many people do not look at the research in this manner, and are happy to dismiss it with headlines they feel comforted with. These people are not inherently shameful or evil, but surely they are negligent, and this apathetic reaction to such an ominous line of research is nothing less than shameful. The shame comes not from the critique of the research, but the total lack of willingness to be 100% sure that no children are currently in this type of danger, under the noses of the public. PEOPLE are disgusted by it and even laugh because they do not know how to react to something so heinous as child rape. They hate it, but just don't know how to handle it, or know what to do about it. This is the whole problem right here. BUT in a way that is good news. The fact that they abhor it is a good thing, we just have to know how to reach them and give them an answer. What can they personally do to combat it?