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That likeness is mind blowing, wtf!

[–] pizzagatecharlotte 2 points 7 points (+9|-2) ago 

WOWZERS - This rabbit hole eh?!?!

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Aside from the more prominent similarities the shape of the eyes really got me

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God that's weird

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this is nothing but another distraction and another way to discredit pizzagate with crazy ideas. But it's ok this whole forum is nothing but hired shills talking to other shills. also, has anyone ever noticed how voat is made up of triangles and goats? things that make you go hmmmmm.

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I know it's said we all have doppelgängers, but those pics are chilling. They look so much a like its crazy. Some of those pics were 404'ed so I took a pic I saw on there as well.


The CGI/Haiti thing is really what is sticking out to me. I maybe wrong, but weren't these people all in Haiti, helping kids and now mysteriously dead? Paul Walker (Firey car crash) Chris Cornell and now Chester?

We know Chris & Chester were friends, probably talked about what they found out. Any connections with these guys to Paul Walker? I know this is grasping at straws, but worth digging into. Chris Cornell was close to Brad Pitt so wonder if he knows anything.

Also to add- Cornell was working on the movie The Promise about the Armenian Genocide. Which, was never taught in history books. It didn't fit the agenda.

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Eugenics is the foundation of the Pedo Cult

George Clooney / Jim Acosta ( CNN )

[–] Gorillion 2 points 1 points (+3|-2) ago 

Have you seen Clooney's sister? Basically a female George Clooney. Guy has striking genes.

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One of the issues of adult victims is attachment disorders and inability to form lasting relationship. Great way to break up families and increase the divorce rate.

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Chris allegedly found or was given the "Black Book" of names of the Hollywood/Political Pedophile Elite. He was going to expose them before he was "suicided" and he had shared this information with Chester.

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i found out that the armenian genocide was actually committed by a group of jews known as the "balkan jews" within Turkey, not by native Turks. they also killed many many greeks & assyrians.

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id be cynical about that. The sheer number of Armenian deaths speaks to a State actor. So even if some jews encouraged it the Ottoman turks were still the responsible agency of death

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Ask someone - like I did - with facial recognition abilities to describe these two. They are father and son.

[–] SayWhatNOWAY 1 points 6 points (+7|-1) ago 

I would bet $$ on it!

[–] remedy4reality 2 points 16 points (+18|-2) ago 

How to get away with murder:

Tie a rope around the neck of the guy you just killed.

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It always makes me wonder about how many murders are written off as suicides in general. My grandfather was found shut in a garage with the car running and it was called a suicide. They didn't have an explanation for why it looked like he'd been beaten up first.

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My Great Uncle, Mikey, was found the same way.

And after, his wife sure seemed to rly enjoy the ins $ & dating again. (↼︵↼❀)

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Police are too quick to call suicide. My brother was murdered,pushed off a cliff. The guy that was with him had just got out of prison. He was on a bus the next day heading out of state. Fact

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Holy shit Linkin Park's logo thing is the pedophile symbol... small triangle inside a larger triangle

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Search sum 41 on spotify. One of the band members has a pedo themed hat that is DEF out of place.

Brb I'll find it.

Here... https://i.imgur.com/lmiR8Yv_d.jpg?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=high

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the fuck.

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fucking crazy!!!!

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It's from a company called, GhostCircus Apparel

"Frank Zummo is one of those artists that you tend to see everywhere, and there is a reason for that. He is one of the busiest drummers out there today (tied neck and neck with GhostCircus Apparel)!"

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here is the company that makes pedo clothing, you can contact them and let them know they are fucking over!


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"you will call me your father"

[–] SayWhatNOWAY 1 points 15 points (+16|-1) ago 

Those two, if not blood related what a fucking Evil joke to play on Chester looking like that maggot Pedo freak JP! Shit Evil either way😒

I am betting they are father/son!

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What's this guy's mother's story? Is she like Trudeau's mother? A bit of a party girl in elite swinger circles? Or one of Skippy's ex "little girlfriends" who got pregnant?

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The dad worked with child sex abuse cases and did double shifts. Meaning he worked to cover them up. So the father is linked to podesta because the father is in the pedo ring.

This gives Podesta access to Chester's mother allowing for a podesta bastard to be born. A lot of the higher up in these rings spread their genes around because they are big believers of pedo eugenics.

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Call BS on all these hangings. For those unaware hanging oneself to death is one of the most difficult ways to committ suicide. It is not merely tying an object around the neck it takes certain angles I won't get into. It also takes certain types of material depending on weight of the victim and proof of death during autopsy is not difficult. The body stretches significantly.

To think this is happening repeatedly and with an elastic band seems unrealistic.

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doing it with a hotel door for the 6'2 cornell seems to further increase the difficulty. seems it would take either a lot of trial and error or about an hour reading about it and watching how to videos

[–] Jem777 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

Exactly if the height of the victim is taller than the object near impossible in any circumstance. An elastic band impossible. The weight of a body touching the floor would balance out. Any coroner knows this.

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To think this is happening repeatedly and with an elastic band seems unrealistic.

Why do you think this can't happen with an elastic band?

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It would have to be one hell of an elastic band. It would have to hold 170lbs (I am guessing) and then another couple hundred pounds of tensile strength to withhold the initial drop.

If the 'elastic band' was a steering belt or something like that it should be able to do the job. I just don't know any common household items of that durability. Pretty much everyone will have some sort of twine or cord in their house. Why not use that?

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