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Trump is correct that directed energy weapons were used on 9/11 and this is the Free Energy technology Podesta is pretending has been sent by aliens. Alright? Sitting comfortably? Good.

George Soros runs Tavistock

Tavistock developed the CIA

The CIA engineered the 1960s via drugs. Tavistock engineered The Beatles. The Beatles promoted Crowley The Movement promoted promiscuity, liberalism and ended in the darkness of The Manson Murders.

Timothy Leary wrote "How to wash brains" with Robert Anton Wilson. Timothy Leary is suspected to be CIA and spent time in the same prison as Manson prior to any of the alleged murders.

The Beatles went to India with Mia Farrow (B- blood), who played the role of Rosemary, in Rosemary's Baby about the birth of the antichrist.

The film was directed to Roman Polanski, his wife is Sharon Tate, who was murdered by the Manson family.

Rosemary's Baby was filmed in The Dakota Building, where John Lennon was shot.

Henry Kissinger's favourite film is "Chinatown", directed by Roman Polanski. It features someone wit the same Mark Of Cain that Madeleine McCann displayed in her photos.

The Oscar's this year, saw the star of Chinatown being humiliated and instead, a cast member of another film, who has a significant Mongolion Spot (blue birth-mark) was awarded.

Are we in the midst of the apocalypse? LINKS BETWEEN SOROS, CF, AND TAVISTOCK


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everything after 'direct energy weapons' is solid...

drop that shit, it's a diversion from the role of Mossad and Dov Zakheim


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That is the intention, its called a "poison pill" or "shit sandwich." Throw some good stuff on the sandwich, make it all nice, then rub a little shit on it and ruin the whole thing.


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Trump is correct that directed energy weapons were used on 9/11

Where has Trump said this?


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Would just comment that it's much more likely that Sharon Tate murders were a false flag operation carried out by military. Charles Manson was also a very unlikely hippie at age 35 and spent most of his life in prison. Much more likely is the possibility that he was used.

Sharon Tate's father was CIA, evidently at a fairly high level.

Sharon Tate's father is Colonel Paul Tate. Abigail Folger, purportedly

murdered alongside Sharon Tate in the same house that night, had

similar ties to U.S. military intelligence. Her father is Peter Folger,

Major Peter Folger , who was a marines major/army intelligence

officer (Associate Chief Information Officer) with the famous Black Sheep

marine fighting squadron 214 stationed out of Hawaii in WW2:

Sharon Tate's father, Colonel Paul Tate, was stationed at The Presidio

base and working at the attached Fort Baker (connected via the Golden Gate Bridge).

Colonel Michael Aquino was operating a psychological warfare unit out

of The Presidio at the same time that Colonel Paul Tate was working there.

Michael Aquino knew Susan Atkins via his Temple of Set and her affiliation with the

occult psy-op run by Anton LaVey in the mid-1960s. Susan Atkins had been a

go-go dancer/stripper in one of LaVey's vampire plays

Susan Atkins with Anton LaVey in 1966 review

Will try to find a link -- Mae Brussel wrote a fantastic and very complete article on this "event" but I'm still unable to locate again, but I do have a link to a less complete explanation of it which I will post. Others, as well, have written on the likelihood of the Tate murders being a "false flag" operation.

At the time there was a growing youth movement which was anti-war and anti-MIC . . .

Indeed, in 1972, when the details began to come out about a break-in at Democratic Party headquarters in the Watergate Hotel, Mae immediately recognized personnel and modus operandi from nine years of assassination research, while the mainstream press continued to refer to Watergate as a "caper" and "a third-rate burglary." And so it came to pass that while Rabbi Magnin was entertaining Richard Nixon at his home in Los Angeles, his daughter Mae was revealing the President's role in an incredible conspiracy. Meanwhile, she also perceived an assassination plot, not merely against specific individuals, but against the entire counterculture that was burgeoning at the time. "I realized that in this country we had a revolution--of housing, food, hair style, clothing, cosmetics, transportation, value systems, religion--it was an economic revolution, affecting the cosmetics industry, canned foods, the use of land; people were delivering their own babies, recycling old clothes, withdrawing from spectator sports. They were breaking the barriers where white and black could rap in 1967. This was the year of the Beatles, the summer of Sergeant Pepper, the Monterey Pop Festival, Haight-Ashbury, make your own candle and turn off the electricity, turn on with your friends and laugh--that's what life was all about."

And ...

ARMY The Army began their chemical testing of LSD, the youth drug, in 1956, the same year they were planning Politica and Camelot in Cambridge, Mass. Contracts for testing LSD and chemical agents continued through 1975. January 21, 1969, the army reported "the LSD tests are rewarding. It is recommended that the actual application of LSD be utilized in real situations on an experimental basis." Acid was distributed, surreptitiously, to large masses of the population. It was the chemical that was to link Helter Skelter and Gimme Shelter with blood and gore.

FACT 4 There is more to the creation of the Manson Family, and their direction than has yet been exposed. There is more to the making of the movie Gimme Shelter than has been explained. This saga has inter-connecting links to all the beautiful people Robert Hall was associated with. The Manson Family and the Hell's Angels were instruments by which enemy forces could attack and discredit hippies and critical American youth who had dropped out of the establishment. The violence came down from Neo-Nazi racists, adorned with Swastikas both in L.A. and in the Bay Area at Altamont. The blame was placed on persons not even associated with the causes of death at all. When it was all over, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were the icing on this cake, this presentation, to rub musicians into a racist, neo-nazi plot. By rearranging the facts, cutting here and there, distorting evidence, neighbors and family feared their own youth wandering through the communities. Charles Manson made the cover of Life, with those wide eyes, like Rasputin. Charles Watson didn't make the cover. Why not? He participated in all the killings. Manson wasn't inside the house. Because Manson played a guitar and made records. Watson didn't. Charles Watson was too busy taking care of matters, at the lawyer's office prior to the killings, or with officials of the Young Republicans. What were Watson's protections in Texas, where he remained until his separate trial prevented him from being psychologically linked to all the deaths he actually committed? "Pigs" was written in Sharon Tate's house in blood. Was this to make blacks become targets and suspects for stalking white territory? Credit cards of the La Bianca family were purposely deposited in the black ghetto after their massacre. The intention was to stir racial fears and hatred. Who wrote the first article, "Did Hate Kill Tate?", blaming the Black Panthers for the murders? Army intelligence agent Ed Butler, Lee Harvey Oswald's old pal from New Orleans. They made a record together so that Oswald could pass himself off as a Marxist. Another deception. Glasses were left on the floor of Sharon Tate's home the day of the murder. They were never identified. Who moved all the bodies after the killers left and before the police arrived? The Spahn ranch wasn't a hippie commune. It bordered the Krupp ranch, and has now been combined and incorporated to make a German Bavarian beer garden. Howard Hughes knew George Spahn. He went to this ranch daily while making The Outlaw. Scroll down about 3/4's of the way to ARMY


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You should read Dave McGowan if you haven't already; 'Programmed to Kill' is a pretty solid book that corroborates what you say but also provides more detailed connections.

Here is a radio interview talking about the book on Vimeo. A little over an hour long but worth the time.

McGowan also wrote another book about what we are looking at here in Pizzagate/Pedogate. He called this 'The Pedophocracy' and it's extremely informative.


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